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    Health pass required for French TGV, etc...

    There is a system in place for non-EU citizens to apply for a health pass. There's a online application and you upload documents. I'm not positive what documentation one needs since our vaccine cards are not really hard to forge, but there is a system in place for tourists. And once you have...
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    4 European countries in 7 days ~ 11 trains & 2 ferries

    It's my dream to live in Munich eventually, my favorite city.
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    What Does Amtrak Think of Us?

    Well this is AU, not AA. :D
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    Nostalgic and Historic Amtrak Stations Still Used Today

    I have such a soft spot for my old college station in Macomb, IL. Very much a classic Midwestern small town station. Built in 1913.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    And maybe soulless is too harsh? Maybe just that it lacks character like an old station.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    Not ugly necessarily, but definitely soulless is the new Joliet station. I get why they made the change from the beautiful historic Union Station (preserved as a wedding and event venue in the grand hall and a brewpub in the building) to a new facility on the east side of the tracks, so Rock...
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    I'm in Indy right now with my wife on her business trip. Went to check out the station because my wife will need to come here frequently for work and would take the bus or train. Good god, what awfulness. Even sadder when I went to get coffee at the Starbucks at the Omni and was looking right at...
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    Lakeshore Rail Alliance - Advocating for More Service Along Lake Shore Limited Route

    D'oh! Of course I should have realized that from the train numbers. I've been on that train so many times... *facepalm*
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    Lakeshore Rail Alliance - Advocating for More Service Along Lake Shore Limited Route

    I'm curious about the group's reasoning for the times of trains #29 and #30. I definitely see the need for a round trip beginning/ending in Cleveland but why do these serve Cleveland in the middle of the night as the end station? It's great that their plan calls for Cleveland to be served by...
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Cool, thanks for pointing me in that direction. Interesting to see just form a few searches how many stations would be getting ticket agents back under this bill. My old college town of Macomb being one of them.
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    An interesting item in the bill - less important than other things of course, but interesting all the same - that got my attention is station staffing requirements. One of the rules states that any station that averaged 40 boardings per day in fiscal 2017 has to be staffed with at least one...
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    Indianapolis Station and Crown Plaza Hotel

    I was afraid of that. Dark underpass at night, not great. Thanks for the info.
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    Indianapolis Station and Crown Plaza Hotel

    I had a question about Indy Amtrak station that maybe someone here knows. My wife will be starting a new job for an Indy-based company but staying in Chicago and working remotely. She will on occasion have to go to Indy and if the days work out right she'll take the train. Now, being a woman...
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    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    That's the truth!
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    How do LD Trains Compare Cost-Wise to Driving?

    I definitely prefer trains whenever it's an option - that's not saying anything unique on this board :) - no matter the cost difference. I definitely get the earlier comments about stress of driving (i.e. traffic) but I do find that I can really enjoy a good road trip. It's probably because I...
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    significant former routes

    No way the word Dixie would get used in any name now.
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    BOLT hands off to Mother Greyhound

    Boy that is true. I have a 12-year-old and she is the ptretty rare kid at her school that takes the L or bikes to school (depends on her mood or the weather). I know parents that live half as far as we do from the school and drive their kids. She got in to a test-in public school for 7th grade...
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    MSP - CHI second daily train poised to receive MN funding

    This is from the News Wire article: "According to Amtrak, schedule and equipment service development planning specifics are underway. The general concept is to have the second round-trip leave Chicago at about 11 a.m. (the Empire Builder departs at 2:15 p.m.) and the Twin Cities...
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    Most Beautiful Train Stations in the US

    That freeway viaduct next to the Richmond station really ruins the mood.
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    Texas Eagle Sightseer lounge discontinued

    Thanks for the rapid responses. Too bad it's not good news.