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  1. saxman

    Big Rail Investments at New York Airports Fall Short on Promises of Connectivity

    For a few years, MTA ran the JFK Express train from Manhattan to Howard Beach from 1978 to 1990. They charged a premium that actual conductors collected. You still had to take a shuttle bus between HB and the terminals. It was eventually ended due to low ridership.
  2. saxman

    TEXRail Opens

    Yeah, those small crossing arms can be all over various places. The bike trail is all along the route and I plan on riding it when it gets cooler.
  3. saxman

    Hurricane Ida - 08/2021

    I can see the SSL not running for some time. The brunt of Ida damaged several cities just west of New Orleans along the US90 corridor. LaPlace, Morgan City, Houma to name a few, are flooded. I have no idea what the track conditions are. I'm sure BNSF is eager to get things back into service...
  4. saxman

    Bad Time for Airlines, too

    It seems to be a perfect storm for the travel industry (if not for everything). Domestic travel is up. Airlines and Amtrak are understaffed. Amtrak's premium LD routes were shutdown during peak season. Hotels are understaffed and often sold out. Rental cars are impossible to find if not...
  5. saxman

    Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle into Los Angeles

    If the Sunset Limited is late into LAX, they will likely put you on the Thruway bus to Bakersfield to take the San Joaquin to Emeryville or Sacramento to catch up with the Coast Starlight. This, of course, is a bummer because you'll miss the best scenery of the CS. Since you're on a rail pass...
  6. saxman

    Has anyone here done every (current) Amtrak route, end to end?

    I've ridden every single LD train end to end or some combination thereof multiple times. The only Amtrak trackage I'm missing is the last few miles of the Wolverine from Royal Oak to Pontiac, MI, and Galesburg to Quincy, IL. I covered the Roanoke, VA extension back in July is this year. If you...
  7. saxman

    Where should one change planes? London or New York? or somewhere else?

    Right now, there are no flights from BWI to any NYC airport. It appears AA will start one flight a day to JFK and Delta will start some flights in 2022. Nothing appears to be going to EWR any time soon. So if BWI is the best option for you, I'd probably connect in LHR on BA. I've heard some...
  8. saxman

    Seaboard92 Is Taking Off

    This might sound bad, but IROP days were what made things interesting for me while at the regionals for 12 years. I was NYC based and later ORD based so ATC ground stops and delay programs were not uncommon going there. It really was the most challenging part when you're all boarded up and ready...
  9. saxman

    Miles Traveled on Amtrak

    Well that was an entertaining read for the first few pages. :) I posted on this thread in August 2008 with 56,000 miles at the time. Checking my spreadsheet, I was actually at 58,457 miles as of that date and shortly took the Heartland Flyer for the first time right after that. I guess I'll...
  10. saxman

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    I was just thinking about AlanB, too, as we made our excursion down to Roanoke then making my way through Penn Station. I boarded with Alan and his mother on that faithful trip.
  11. saxman

    Boy Scout Trip to Philmont on SWC

    I've seen Amtrak do a huge unloading of the baggage car at Raton for the Boy Scouts even though Raton doesn't technically have checked baggage service. I'm not sure how to organize it though in Chicago. I'm an Eagle Scout and went to Philmont in 1998. We looked at taking the train, but it...
  12. saxman

    Seaboard92 Is Taking Off

    Wow, I missed this thread. Looks like you know what to do now. I was a regional pilot for 12 years. I miss those days because I don't get to hang out with the flight attendants as much on layovers. Did you get based in CLT? I basically have done the same thing you are already doing. Getting the...
  13. saxman

    Texas Eagle with two units

    Sometimes they exchange engines in FTW for the HF to use.
  14. saxman

    Early Deboarding

    Speaking of unscheduled stops, I was making a connection in Milwaukee from #8 to the Hiawatha to get off the Milwaukee Airport. The airport stop is a mire 8 miles from downtown, but the Builder doesn't stop there. We were running a couple hours late and I knew the timing wasn't going to workout...
  15. saxman

    MSP - CHI second daily train poised to receive MN funding

    What type of schedule is being speculated for the new frequency? Early morning departure from Chicago and afternoon arrival to MSP?
  16. saxman

    Timetables returning in September?

    Yup, looks like they provided links to PDF's again. But I clicked on the Crescent schedule and it pulls up the old timetable. :rolleyes:
  17. saxman

    Would a better plan for Amtrak be more long distance?

    I say this over and over on here. The LD trains are corridor trains and I think they should be treated as such too. We're always saying that the sweet spot for rail travel is 300 to 500 miles. Many of the state routes are this long. Guess how long the average passenger travels on a long distance...
  18. saxman

    Timetables returning in September?

    I know for a fact someone is looking at making their own timetables already. The hard part would be keeping up with thruway bus connections and making sure station services are accurate. Case is point, why PDF's are useful. I just booked a trip to Roanoke, and I wanted to figure out where to...
  19. saxman

    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    At least NOL has different boarding "gates."
  20. saxman

    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    In the past, they've added a coach between CHI and MSP, a sleeper between CHI and DEN, and I think they are doing a coach between CHI and STL on the Eagle. They also added a 3rd sleeper and a 4th coach on the Starlight a few years ago during peak. The biggest problem is the lack of equipment to...