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  1. the_traveler

    Daily service (maybe) We can only hope!
  2. the_traveler multi-city search problem

    I was just doing a search for fares, and looked at SAN-FED. If I do a multi-city search for SAN-CHI and CHI-FED, I get a choice on the LSL (CHI-SDY) of coach, roomette or bedroom. On the EA, I get a choice of coach or BC. I do not get a choice of BC on the LSL! (I did not check about the...
  3. the_traveler

    Amtrak Smartfares

    I just happened to look at the Smartfares listing. Normally they’re for seats on trains that may not be selling well, and between “odd city pairs”. (Such as Omaha to Grand Junction to Little Rock to Austin.) This week, over 75% of the listing is the NEC!:eek: And the “odd city pairs” are things...
  4. the_traveler

    Too bad nobody rides trains anymore

    I just took a few rides this week. On Monday, there was a MAJOR snowstorm in upstate NYS. I was headed southbound, and the train filled up. Why? Because the buses were not running due to the road conditions!:rolleyes: So they were “forced” to take a train into NYP! I returned on Friday. The EA...
  5. the_traveler

    Strange fare

    Even for Amtrak, this is strange!o_O (And that’s saying a lot!) I was checking fares from FED to FBG. In the morning, the EA departs FED to NYP. In NYP, you can connect to a Regional that departs at 3:05 or the SM that departs at 3:15. When checking the fares, I can get a senior fare or a full...
  6. the_traveler

    Car vs Adirondack 11/10 - who won?

    Sunday, a car ran into the northbound Adirondack at a grade crossing in Ballston Spa, NY. The train won! The driver was 73. When will they learn that the train always wins?
  7. the_traveler

    WAS late night wait

    The wait in WAS for train 190 (3:10 am departure) used to be comfortable. Not anymore! I have done this many times. There used to be a bakery open all night. That was the only shop open at that time. But when I did this on 10/27-28, it was not open. (Thus nothing was open!) Also with the VERY...
  8. the_traveler

    AGR Points For Shopping time to post Be aware that the time to “approved” is now 120 days! It used to be 60 days. I found this out because I had purchases from Walmart in April and May that still showed as “pending”. So I contacted AGR. They said a retailer usually takes up to 120 days...
  9. the_traveler

    Ocean View still running?

    I haven’t been following it, but is Ocean View still operating? Wasn’t it retired last year? The reason I’m questioning it is that it is still listed on as if it’s still running. However, the dates of operation are from September to November of 2018!
  10. the_traveler

    TPS Tour 2019

    The trip down to Florida makes Amtrak look good! The first part of the trip was by bus from home to the airport. The Trailways website says they offer half priced tickets is you are handicapped (which I am). But it says you can not book them online - only with a ticket agent. So I did not book...
  11. the_traveler

    Modifying a ticket? Full e-voucher!

    I just had to modify a ticket to board the same train, but 2 stops later. Unless I was lucky, I received an e-voucher for the FULL amount of the difference! There was no cancellation penalty!
  12. the_traveler

    Daily Birthday Greeting list discontinued

    Effective immediately, I will not be doing a daily update and posting members birthdays. This was a tradition here at AU started by Eric Milton in 2005. Eric continued it until his passing. At that time, I took it over in his honor (with occasional assistance from Penny). However, based on the...
  13. the_traveler

    Ethan Allen BC - 2x1?

    Is BC on the EA the split cafe with 2x1 seats? I think so, but I am not certain.
  14. the_traveler

    “Pedestrian” struck by Amtrak 4/4

    Local news report that a pedestrian was struck by an Amtrak train in Colonie, NY. This is the Empire Corridor west of Albany and east of Schenectady, and also north to Montreal and Rutland. Footage shows a car parked next to the tracks. Why was this pedestrian even near the tracks? I guess...
  15. the_traveler

    Double points are back! March 2018

    Register for double points! Travel 3/19/18 to 5/19/18!
  16. the_traveler

    the_traveler goes from A to B (via C, D, E, etc...)

    For those who know, you know by now that the_traveler never makes a simple trip. The following is an example of that. On September 27, I flew to Florida to meet my friend to go to Portland. This was the final change for this segment. But far from the first (or 2nd or 3rd or ...) change I made...
  17. the_traveler

    Bedroom vs roomette = cheaper!

    Sometimes bedrooms cost less than roomettes! It pays to check both. I was just playing around and found one such case. In this example, a bedroom cost over $50 less than a roomette.
  18. the_traveler

    Silver Star - Dining Car ?

    Did the SS get its DC back? :huh: A post on Facebook makes it seem so. A person riding it today says it does. Unless that person is confused and is confusing the tables in the cafe with a DC. Or is 1 of the Viewliner DC's deadheading on the SS?
  19. the_traveler

    Double point days (fall 2017)

    Double point days are back! :) The fall 2017 dates will be from September 18 to November 18. Registration begins on September 5.
  20. the_traveler

    H-room bucket separate?

    I made a reservation for a trip, and qualify for the disability discount (15%). I checked dates and availability online, first using the senior discount (as I know it is also 15%) and then the disability discount. Both showed the fare as $487. I qualify for the H-room, and I know from past...