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  1. KmH

    Flying Train - 300 mph - up to 2000 pax

    Tethered to a track that supplies electrical power.
  2. KmH

    LD Trip - Meal Plan ••• SWC • CS • EB

    I'm planning a 5838 mile LD Amtrak trip for early October. I'll ride 4 nights in coach, 1 night in business class, and 1 night in a roomette. I'll be bringing some meals with me. Some of the food requires hot water from the café to re-hydrate/heat. Day 1 - Southwest Chief - Coach - Depart...
  3. KmH

    Superliner Café

    Will the Café attendant fill my 18oz Thermos with hot water for me if I ask? Also what condiments are available besides, if any: Sugar & substitutes Half & half for coffee Ketchup Mustard Pickle relish Jam/jelly Honey? Onions? Pancake syrup?
  4. KmH

    PDX station to HI Hostel NW

    A heads up if you store bags at the Amtrak station and want to get to the HI Portland NW hostel at NW 18th & NW Glisan...
  5. KmH

    One less train rider

    Get on the train drunk in DC, get drunker, in a first class car have "hostile exchanges" with a woman passenger, get kicked off the train in NY, then call in a false bomb-on-the-train report so you can later get arrested and face the possibility of spending 5 years in prison. A really smart...
  6. KmH

    My Amtrak Adventure - Trailer

  7. KmH

    OTM Upgrades and a Fail

    I read in an Amtrak report they plan to refurbish the platform covers and make some other improvements at the Ottumwa, IA station. Maybe their plan will include correcting the spelling on this sign identifying the OTM station's long term parking area:
  8. KmH

    Please Fasten Your Seat Belts

    Oh! Wait! Trains don't have seatbelts! CZ round trip OTM SAC OTM with day trip to San Francisco. .. Day 1 Amtrak California Zephyr 5 (25) March 18. To allow for unforeseen delays I got an early start on my 2 hour drive to the Ottumwa Amtrak station. The last time I rode the California Zephyr...
  9. KmH

    6 (22) Delays

    Track Your Train shows 6 (22) California Zephyr got delayed close to 3 hours between Grand junction and Glenwood Springs yesterday. It was then delayed a further 3.5 hours between Glenwood Springs and Granby. Locomotive troubles? So they are estimating 6 (22) will be 5 hours late to Chicago...
  10. KmH

    California Zephyr - A History

    California Zephyr - A History • 1939 To celebrate San Francisco’s two newly built bridges The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, and some other local accomplishments, the Golden Gate International Exposition opened February 18, 1939. Held on San Francisco's man-made...
  11. KmH

    My On-The-Train Imaging Kit

    Cameras Nikon D300s DSLR - 3 batteries & charger (primary) Samsung Galaxy Sky SmartPhone (secondary) YI Lite 4K 150° action camera - 3 batteries & charger (tertiary) Travel Lenses Nikon AF 24-85mm f/2.8-4D IF AUKEY wide-angle/macro phone camera lens Camera Support JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom...
  12. KmH

    Rail Grinder on the Moffat Sub - Video

    A track maintenance procedure we don't often get to see. Some notes on the video's description: Rocky is the 1.5 mile long siding below the Big 10 curve where trains can wait their turn to use the single track Big 10. Eisley, (actually Eisele) is the 1.2 mile long siding above the Big 10...
  13. KmH

    The Other Moffat Tunnel

    The Water Tunnel, that helps deliver water for Denver to Gross Reservoir via South Boulder Creek.
  14. KmH

    Coast Starlight - Klamath Falls & Willamette Forest

    Between Chemult and Eugene. Lookout siding Railroad crossing look out for the cars. Can you spell that without any Rs?
  15. KmH

    Airline help for Amtrak

    Airline's take-away-from-passengers-wish-list:
  16. KmH


    A 1 minute video about my next CZ trip. The week I get back I'll quickly put together a trailer to post while I edit the trip video together.
  17. KmH

    On Board and Germs

    A simple battle plan to prevent getting sick from some bacteria you picked up off a surface on your train that you don't have to think long and hard about it. According to the US Center for Disease Control: Just remember three simple words: Wash your hands. WAY more effective than using...
  18. KmH

    On-The-Train Video Rig

    Though on the train I'll use a monopod and a gorilla pod SLR-Zoom instead of a tripod. That's a RØDE VideoMicro w/deadcat external mic and a Aukey 140° wide angle clip-on lens.
  19. KmH

    San Francisco Transit systems

    I'll be in San Francisco in March. I plan to ride the San Francisco Bay Ferry, the cable cars, and the street cars. So I got myself a Clipper Card (Senior).
  20. KmH

    What Happened to #9 & #28 Moffat Tunnel subs?

    It's said the UP Moffat Tunnel sub has 28 tunnels east of the Moffat Tunnel. The west most and closest tunnel to the Moffat Tunnel East portal tunnel is tunnel #30. Curious about the discrepancy I got to looking at that sub using OpenRailwayMap and Google Maps. Neither map shows a #9 nor #28...