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  1. Trailrider1951

    Business Class on the Coast Starlight

    I am booked on the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Tacoma in mid-June. I have put in a bid to upgrade to Business Class from my purchased Coach seat. If I do receive the upgrade, what perks go with Business Class travel, and how crowded would the car be? When I booked the travel, the...
  2. Trailrider1951

    Dinner eastbound on the Empire Builder out of PDX

    I have a train trip coming up next week, and part of it is on the EB eastbound out of Portland. What will be my dinner choices? I will be traveling in a Roomette to the Izaak Walton Inn in Essex, MT, and this is my first time traveling this EB segment. I know the dining car travels eastbound...
  3. Trailrider1951

    #22, Northbound Texas Eagle with private cars attached

    Sorry, I only caught a glimpse from my house north of Taylor. Two (or three) dark colored cars were attached to the back of #22, next stop is Temple. Close to being on-time. Anyone want to get a photo/video between here and Ft Worth/Dallas? :)
  4. Trailrider1951

    Lower level Coach travel

    I have some questions regarding lower level Coach seating, and I hope some of you can help me with this, as I am now preparing for my fall trip to Seattle. I am wondering how is the ride in lower Coach on a cross-country trip of several days? I am in my mid-60's, and would love having the...
  5. Trailrider1951

    Amtrak's "Track a Train" feature seems to be missing

    I looked for it today in the usual place on their website, and now I cannot find it. Did they move or remove it? Also, wasn't there some link to a different "Track a Train" website put together by one of the members of this forum? I would like to follow the trains over the country, but I...
  6. Trailrider1951

    A question about reservation modification

    If I make a reservation for a one-way trip from Seattle to Texas in July now, and have to change the date of travel sometime later, but before travel starts, will I have to pay the increase in fare? Here is the situation: sometime around the first week of July, I will be helping a relative...
  7. Trailrider1951

    Take 3 Get 1 Round Trip Ticket

    I logged into my AGR account today and got a surprise. With the last Double Days promotion that ended Nov 21, 2015, under "Status", there is this notation: You have earned Take 3 Get 1 Round Trip Ticket. Please check back on July 1, 2016 to redeem. So, do I get a free round trip to somewhere...
  8. Trailrider1951

    The southbound Texas Eagle just passed through my small town

    and had two private cars on the end. They were light colored on the sides with dark blue or green on the lower sides below the lighter color. The last car was a dome car that looked very similar to this: Next stop is...
  9. Trailrider1951

    Location of Electrical Outlets in coach?

    I leave in a week to start my journey to Seattle to visit my son and his family. I am bringing my laptop with me, and unfortunately, the old battery no longer keeps a charge. If I want to use it, I'll have to plug it in somewhere. On my last trip on the Texas Eagle, I found some of the cars...
  10. Trailrider1951

    My next long distance trip

    Hi y'all I'm planning my next long distance trip. I'm going to visit my son and his family near Seattle, and I will be traveling from the Austin, TX area sometime the first of July. I plan to take the Texas Eagle south, join up with the Sunset Ltd and go west to Los Angeles. I'll overnight...