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    Most Interesting Encounter (s) on a Train

    The "You eat in your room? Why?" thread, which includes a number of entertaining responses, got me to thinking about a new thread. All train riders have intriguing stories about people they have met during their travels and many have already been recounted throughout the entire forum in...
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    Sightseer Lounge on Surfliner

    This brief clip from a relatively new YouTube (and well done) channel shows a Sightseer Lounge on a Surfliner. If they are in such short supply that they cannot be on the Capitol Limited or Texas Eagle, what the heck is one doing on a Surfliner? New clip but no date when it was recorded.
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    WB Capitol Limited very late into Pittsburgh

    Waiting on the WB Capitol Limited in Pittsburgh. For much of the run from DC it had an ETA of about 14 minutes off the advertised, about 12:06. Agent even announced we would be going upstairs at midnight. Checked track a train and it was sitting at 0 in a yard several miles east of the station...
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    How Much Do Railroads Get Paid For Carrying Amtrak?

    Is there any knowledge on how much the freight railroads are compensated for carrying Amtrak trains? Is this publicly disclosed? I would have to think it is, somewhere. Do they actually turn a "profit" on it or do they barely break even on costs, or even lose money? The perception is that the...
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    Bad Time for Airlines, too

    Lest we believe Amtrak alone has had a rough road of late, we can see that it hasn't been good for the airlines, either...
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    What Does Amtrak Think of Us?

    The general tenor of responses may be predictable but I am curious enough to start a discussion here. What do you think Amtrak thinks of: 1) railfans in general and those who are dedicated to supporting the enterprise and the idea of quality train travel, 2) the RPA as an organization which...
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    Boarding Coach from Chicago Metroplitan Lounge

    In a few weeks I will be taking the Capitol Limited to Chicago in a roomette and then the Builder to MSP in coach. If past policy is still current, I am permitted to use the Metroplitan Lounge until my train departs. But the question is, logistically how do they handle boarding coach from the...
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    "Keep in Sight" seat tag?

    On the Pennsylvanian today I noticed that at one seat a conductor used a tag "Keep In Sight." I've never seen that before. The passenger was traveling alone but did not appear to be a minor, nor did he create any issues at any point. Interesting.
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    Political Contributions by Amtrak employees?

    This Detroit Free Press story says that Amtrak donated $7,000 to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan's campaign. Does Amtrak have a PAC? I have never before heard thar Amtrak donates to politicians. I figured as a "quasi public" company it would be forbidden. There relevant paragraph: Since hitting the...
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    Capitol Limited Car 2909

    Have a roomette in the Capitol Limited car 2909 for early September for a trip to Chicago from Pittsburgh. I presume that is the transition sleeper, in which I have never ridden. Concern I have is being forgotten because as I understand it there is no crew member assigned to that car even though...
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    Website Glitch?

    I am researching trips from PGH-MSP for the fall. I want to be in a roomette to CHI and, of course, coach, to MSP. For whatever reason I am only able to get either coach or roomette fares through; it will not allow me to choose rooomette to CHI and coach from there to MSP. Not only that, but it...
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    Amtrak Post-Trip Survey

    Today, I received a survey from Amtrak that read: "Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your trip from Washington, District of Columbia (WAS) to NY Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station, New York (NYP) on May 29, 2021. " Bear in mind I also took the Capitol Limited from Pittsburgh...
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    New Amtrak Covid Policy

    I'm on my first post-pandemic Amtrak trip and a conductor made an announcement of a brand new policy. Passengers are expected to go to and answer several COVID related questions. First I've heard of this, and I called AGR to inquire and was told it was new to her so she had no...
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    Best Amtrak CEOs

    There is much vitriol and gnashing of teeth aimed at the most recent two Amtrak CEOs, but how about about a new thread dedicated to discussion of the BEST Amtrak leaders? No need to further denigrate the worst of the worst, but let's keep it on a higher plain and discuss those CEOs who genuinely...
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    Amtrak Payment Snafu

    On Sunday I made an online reservation for a quick Amtrak getaway on Memorial Weekend out East. In the interim I decided to make changes to that trip, and called Amtrak last night to modify as I couldn't see an easy way for me to do what I wanted to do online and didn't want to mess it up. The...
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    Pittsburgh Union Station

    I am amused. I note that Amtrak now refers to its Pittsburgh dump of a station as Union Station. No idea how long that has been the case, but just noticed it today when making reservations for the first time in two years.
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    Smartphone Gimbal

    I am anything but an accomplished photographer but when I travel I like to document events as best I can. Smartphones are catching up rapidly with decent cameras in quality image making. Curious if anyone has used a stabilizer gimbal with a smartphone if you felt it improved the video images you...
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    Here's the way to do overnight travel...

    Found this video on YouTube. As with most things train travel, Japan does it right, and cheaply, too.
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    Biden Infrastructure Details

    The Washington Post has a fairly detailed look at Biden's infrastructure plan. Most may not be able to see it due to the paywall, but the most relevant line items for this group relating to transportation are: - The plan would invest $115 billion to revamp highways and roads, including 10 major...
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    NEC Capital Projects

    Anyone know the status of two capital projects Amtrak was supposedly working on a few years ago in the NEC: the upgrade of a stretch of track in New Jersey to, what, 165 mph, and the expansion of the passenger councourse at Washington Union Station? I find nothing about either on Amtrak's...