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  1. KmH

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    Anyone expecting the police to protect them doesn't get how it works. Your protection is your responsibility. Our courts are a bad joke.
  2. KmH

    Trip to L.A. - Southwest Chief

    Raton Pass has the steepest grades - up to 3.6% briefly in a couple of spots as I understand it? But it a much sorter pull than from Denver to the Moffat Tunnel east entrance. The next CZ climb is from the Colorado River in Ruby Canyon to Soldier Summit at the top of Spanish Fork Canyon (6400...
  3. KmH

    What's your favorite train terrain?

    I like to see valleys, mountains (above or below treeline), going over passes, deserts, rivers, lakes. One field of corn, alfalfa, soybeans, etc pretty much looks like all other fields of corn, alfalfa, soybeans, etc. Urban areas tend to look the same too, save the difference between small...
  4. KmH

    California Zephyr re-routing around Wendover?

    Yep. The Wyoming to Ogden detour uses UP's Overland Route, one of UP's primary routes for freight. So freight traffic can make the CZ late.
  5. KmH

    What's your favorite train terrain?

    Got a big laugh at that. Definitely a bonus. And I'm now aware of a word that encompasses the feeling. The morning run heading west from Riverside towards LA on the Southwest Chief lets us see morning rush hour, slow moving or stopped freeway traffic. I've seen the same occasionally westbound...
  6. KmH

    California Zephyr re-routing around Wendover?

    So far I haven't been sufficiently lucky to experience the Wyoming detour or the Lucin cutoff. If the train is on time, the Lucin cutoff is traversed in the dark.
  7. KmH

    The Empire from Portland to Wisconsin need advice

    Sleepers do not include free meals. When we book a sleeper we pay for meals, in advance, as part of the sleeper berth charge.
  8. KmH

    UPRR Derailment North of Tucson-1(8Jul18)

    According to later news reports 27 cars went on the ground.
  9. KmH

    Carry on luggage

    Yep. The CZ doesn't stop for an agricultural check.
  10. KmH

    Unused railtrack nearby? Got an old van?

    All you need is a rail go-kart.
  11. KmH

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    No. It actually means "the joint" or "the meeting".
  12. KmH

    The Empire from Portland to Wisconsin need advice

    The steepest grade (3%) any Amtrak train climbs/descends is going over Raton pass between Raton and Trinidad. Train slow down going both up and down grades. Even though the grades are slight. Did you know that there are train speed limit signs posted along the tracks? Being heavier, freight...
  13. KmH

    Carry on luggage

    Carry-On Allowances 2 Personal Items: 25 lbs. — 14 x 11 x 7 each 2 Carry-On Bags: 50 lbs. — 28 x 22 x 14 each
  14. KmH

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    Amtrak improved QoS to the point Santa Fe allowed Amtrak to call the train the Southwest Chief.
  15. KmH

    Trip on Zephyr

  16. KmH

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    The early life of Amtrak is known as the Rainbow Era because the train consists were a mishmash of rolling stock contributed by the 20 passenger railroads Amtrak replaced. By 1974 the new color scheme was painted on most Amtrak equipment. The Amfleet cars were the first new locomotive-hauled...
  17. KmH

    Amtrak, a Marx Brothers revival

    Sorry, but E&Y does not have a stellar reputation.
  18. KmH

    Boston to Los Angeles -- what would be the lowest altitude routes?

    The elevation at Paisano Pass is about 5100 feet. At the Continental Divide, between Deeming and Lordsburg, the elevation is about 4600 feet. For comparison, on the SWC route the altitude high points are at Raton Pass & Glorietta Pass - about 7500 feet, Flagstaff about 6900 feet...
  19. KmH

    Likelihood of CZ diversions October 2018?

    The CZ doesn't get rerouted every fall. The CZ was rerouted last year because UP was working in the Moffat Tunnel. I'm one of those that hopes for a chance to ride the CZ on the detour between Laramie and Ogden.
  20. KmH

    Can I bring my dog?

    Yep. It's different on Amtrak trains. There is a big difference between a service animals and emotional support animals, and the public transportation rules.