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  1. Palmetto

    Amtrak's commissaries

    Some questions: 1- Where does Amtrak have commissaries to stock its food service cars? 2- Does one single company provide service to the commissaries? I am not counting the Downeaster, which has its own.
  2. Palmetto

    The Downeaster and CSX ownership

    I grew up near the area where the Downeaster runs, on the former Boston and Maine Railroad. After the Boston and Maine went off into the sunset in the 80'a, the railroad went downhill in terms of service, as well as upkeep of the infrastructure. The Downeaster service reversed that trend, at...
  3. Palmetto

    Downeaster host railroad for sale?

    There is a rumor circulating that Pan Am Railways, the host railroad of the Downeaster service between Boston and Brunswick, ME, is for sale. If you recall, in the planning stages for the service, the railroad was not a friendly player. They were strongly opposed to running trains on their...
  4. Palmetto

    Amtrak Service Reductions

    It's been decided by Amtrak that LD trains will operate only 3X per week, effective October 1. There are, however, two trains that will operate 4X per week: the Silver Metoer and the Auto Train. That gives stations between Petersburg VA and Miami daily service. Increases in service will be...
  5. Palmetto

    Feds dole out 22 million for passenger rail

    I did not see this discussed anywhere here. Bascially, it funds - two additional trains for CTrail - a station agent in Hartford, CT - a second round trip between Chicago and St. Paul - restoration of service between New Orleans and Mobile, AL Link is below. U.S. Department of Transportation...
  6. Palmetto

    Uber upon arriving at MIA

    Has anyone tried this option out? If so, I wonder how reliable Uber would be for a late train arrival, let's say around 10-11 PM?
  7. Palmetto

    The Pioneer route back in the news

    At least between Boise, and the rest of the PNW.
  8. Palmetto

    American Airlines and a new CEO?

    There has been some speculation that American Airlines CEO will step aside, given the dismal performance of the airline in recent years. Most recently, a partnership with LATAM was wrested right out of the arms of American by Delta. Speaking of Delta, some are wondering who could possible...
  9. Palmetto

    "Check your bags" (LAX Metropolitan Lounge)

    This is what the staff person in the LAX Metropolitan Lounge was telling people. [I was in there for 11 hours.] She made it sound mandatory. One passenger balked and refused, saying that he had never been told before that checking luggage was a requirement. When asked why, the staff person...
  10. Palmetto

    An upcoming Amtrak joy ride

    Next week, I'm burning a lot of AGR points. Sleeper from Houston-LA. After getting into LA, a same day R/T LA-San Diego, then that same night, sleeper back to Ft. Worth. I have a question: Since I'm arriving in the morning and departing the same evening on the Sunset Limited, will I be able...
  11. Palmetto

    Boston wants to cut weekend trains

    This is pretty ridiculous for the 5th largest system in the country. It's a cost-cutting measure of course. Given all the baloney that goes on there [check out pensions, for one thing], it's easy to see that there needs to be some economization. But killing all Saturday and Sunday trains?
  12. Palmetto

    Power outlets in coach

    Are there now power outlets on the wall of all coaches, single level as well as bi-level, on Amtrak?
  13. Palmetto

    Rail returning to Phoenix

    The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Feds have picked a preferred route between Phoenix and Tuscon to establish commuter rail between the two cities. In my mind, this opens up the possibility of returning Amtrak to Phoenix on the commuter rail line. West of Phoenix, there is the...
  14. Palmetto

    Culbertson, MT anyone?

    Culbertson is still being considered as an Amtrak stop. It's between Williston and Wolf Point--a long stretch--on the route of the Empire Builder. I think that when this was first proposed a few years ago, the stop would've seen a bit of business due to the Bakken activity. Not so sure, now...
  15. Palmetto

    No parking at San Antonio

    San Antonio is the closest Amtrak station to me. I live on the Mexican border, and it's a four-hour drive to get to it. It's amazing that for a city the size of San Antonio, there is no parking at the station. Amtrak invites you, though, to pay $37.00 a day at a nearby Marriott hotel. Not...
  16. Palmetto

    No parking at San Antonio

    San Antonio is the closest Amtrak station to me, and it's a four-hour drive [Texas is a big state.] It's amazing that a major stop like this has no parking, unless you're willing to pay $37.00 a day at a nearby Marriott. That totally puts me off, and I wonder how many other folks feel the same...
  17. Palmetto

    Heartland Flyer à la Hoosier State

    Amtrak may not be the only game in town: Let's also recall that Iowa Pacific was investigating a service between Sapulpa, near OKC, and Tulsa.
  18. Palmetto

    another San Joaquin is in the works

    As reported on Trainorders, there will be a 7th roundtrip added between Bakersfield and Stockton, with the train continuing on to Oakland. This makes a total of 5 round trips between Oakland and Bakersfield, and there are 2 between Sacramento and Bakersfield.
  19. Palmetto

    Starting up an Amtrak commissary

    This relates to a comment Hal made in another thread, and he stated that trains probably would not turn back at Philadelphia in the event of the closure of both Hudson River tunnels. He said that would be the case because Amtrak would have to establish a commissary there. I'm curious. What is...
  20. Palmetto

    Booking on Amtrak is now easier

    Perhaps it was due to them reading posts on here, or perhaps not. In any case, I just got sent to the Amtrak website by Amsnag, and noticed that there's now a radio button to select if you'd like to buy a Business Class sea, along with its price. Similarly, if one wants a sleeping...