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    Short report on a short trip

    Traveled from Chicago to Omaha on the CZ last Sunday. It was my first trip in the transdorm roomette. I found the roomette to be the nicest one I have ever had. It was much less shopworn than any other room. I enjoyed all the horn blowing at the many crossings. The PA announcements were as...
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    I have a reservation for roomette 22 in car 0540 leaving Chicago next week. Can anyone tell me if this will be at the front of the train before the coach cars?
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    Adding a second passenger in an AGR roomette

    If I use points for a trip in a roomette can I purchase a coach ticket for my son and add him to the roomette without using more points? Thanks for any information.
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    Waiting for the train

    I'm at the OmahaAmtrak station. WEstbound CZ should be here shortly right on time. Can't wait to board and settle into my roomette to Glenwood Springs. I'll try to post some updates.
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    Just saying hi

    I was so happy to find this site while preparing for my trip on the CZ, Omaha to Glenwood Springs. (Departing Oma 11/6) Traveling on Amtrak is my favorite way to spend vacations. This will be my 6th CZ trip but first time to stop off in Glenwood Springs. Many of the posts have been either...