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  1. MrFSS

    Staffing Announcements

    Please join me in welcoming Jeb R (jebr) as a new Global Moderator. As we continue to grow as the best Amtrak forum in the world, Jeb will assist in keeping things running smoothly. Also, Penny (pennyk) has been moved from Forum Manager to full Administrator. Her assistance has been invaluable...
  2. MrFSS

    UP Cheyenne Days UP Train

    Our own AU member, singwith, has posted another fine video. What a train - 4 engines, 20 cars total, and 7 are dome cars.
  3. MrFSS

    NYC Subway Technology

    Are you sure you want to ride the New York Subway System trains?
  4. MrFSS

    Only on Southwest Airlines

  5. MrFSS

    Santa Fe 3751

    Our own AU member, singwith, has just posted this great video. Great old steam engine with some private cars
  6. MrFSS

    Gathering IX Registration

    You may now register for Gathering IX which will be in Washington DC this coming October 9th to the 11th. An exact itinerary will be published as we approach the date for this event. After you register look for a confirming email. If you don't receive that email, please PM me so we can see if...
  7. MrFSS

    Spectacular, Rarely Seen Images of China's Railways

    Nice views of trains in China. LINK
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    Effective immediately, Guest posting will be limited to this forum. Guests will be permitted to pose questions regarding Amtrak Travel and Amtrak Guest Rewards. We encourage members to visit this forum regularly to provide answers. Members should continue to pose questions in the...
  9. MrFSS

    Chicago CTA Updates

    Construction plans proposed
  10. MrFSS

    Union Pacific 8992 Business Special 2/3/15

    Our own AU member singwith has just put together a nice video on the UP Business train.
  11. MrFSS

    Old Train Wreck 1915

    Group my wife belongs to with history of the county in KY where she grew up posted these puictures of an IC engine and cars that ran off the tracks near her hometonw in 1915. Looks like they use the same type equipment today to right the eauipment. Can you imagine them let spectators...
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  13. MrFSS

    Union Pacific Cheyenne Frontier Days Special in 2014

    From our own AU member, singwith Nice one, Snuffy!
  14. MrFSS

    Airport Codes

  15. MrFSS

    Amtrak Unlimited Staffing Changes

    Changes in the administrative staffing of Amtrak Unlimited have been finalized. These changes are: AlanB moves from Administrator to Honored Member (joining Amtrak Unlimited founder Anthony) PRR 60 moves from Forum Manager to Administrator GG-1 moves from Forum Manager to Global Moderator...
  16. MrFSS

    Watch American Passenger Rail Shrivel Up

    Interesting LINK
  17. MrFSS


    Please join me in congratulating Penny (pennyk) in her new position as a Forum Manager. She moves up from being a Moderator to assist in some additional duties. She has always worked very hard to keep the forum running smoothly. Thanks, Penny!
  18. MrFSS

    CTA News Updates

    Several interesting news items including 4G becoming available in the tunnels.
  19. MrFSS

    75 Years Ago

  20. MrFSS

    Chicago Express a Major Step for South Shore

    Business travelers and other early risers will be able to enjoy a new convenience next month when the South Shore railroad starts running a weekday express train between South Bend and Chicago. The service, beginning March 16, will leave South Bend International Airport at 6 a.m. and arrive at...