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    The Other Moffat Tunnel

    What a wonderful story. I'll think of her as I ride through the tunnel on Thursday.
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    Coast Starlight - Klamath Falls & Willamette Forest

    Beautiful pictures
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    Current Washington Budget Situation and Amtrak

    How will the coming shut down affect Amtrak services?
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    Video of My Cross Country Train Trip!

    Thanks for a great video.
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    Short report on a short trip

    Traveled from Chicago to Omaha on the CZ last Sunday. It was my first trip in the transdorm roomette. I found the roomette to be the nicest one I have ever had. It was much less shopworn than any other room. I enjoyed all the horn blowing at the many crossings. The PA announcements were as...
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    Departure time for CZ Tuesday 7/28 from Chicago

    I just received an email advising that the Sunday CZ will depart Chicago at noon. Does anyone know if they will serve lunch?
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    Thanks for all the responses. One other question, will the PA announcements be broadcast to the transdorm car?
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    I am looking forward to my first trip in the transdorm. It will be short unless there are big delays. I'm getting on in Chicago and off in Omaha. The only assistance I will need is getting the bed put together. I need to be able to lie flat for most of the trip.
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    overweight wheelchair

    Have a great trip.
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    I love the horn so that won't bother me.
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    Thanks. This will be my first time in the transdorm. I'm looking forward to a new experience. I guess it will be a long walk to the dining car but exercise is good.
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    I have a reservation for roomette 22 in car 0540 leaving Chicago next week. Can anyone tell me if this will be at the front of the train before the coach cars?
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    CZ Service Disruption (6/25) and more delays

    What does the abbreviation CT stand for?
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    CZ Service Disruption (6/25) and more delays

    I just received a similar revised ticket for #6 out of Omaha on July 22. Since the train is averaging almost 4 hours delay into Omaha I wonder why they only changed it 1 hour.
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    Toledo to LA and back..the long way

    Thanks for the great trip report.
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    Cross-Country 11-City Honeymoon

    Train 5 has had a bad week for on time arrivals. Tonight is is due in about 12:45am. That's the closest its been to on time all week
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    Cross-Country 11-City Honeymoon

    Another great spot to visit in Omaha is Lauritzen Gardens and Botonical Center. 100 acres of natural beauty. The Old Market area near the train station has shops and great places to eat. Enjoy your trip. It sounds like a dream honeymoon to me.
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    Auto Train – Trip Report June 2015

    Thanks for the trip report and pictures. The auto train looks like a great trip.
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    Iowa is terrible, and other thoughts.

    Hope your friend gets the pizza before the shops close. I'm making this trip in a few weeks and will definitely remember to pack some wine to enjoy in my roomette if we are very delayed into Chicago.
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    Auntie C, Amtrak princess

    What a great trip report. I'm sorry your trip is over because I'll miss reading you entertaining reports.