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  1. Tlcooper93

    Brightline, "conservative" policy, and the future of rail

    I recently had a discussion with my best friend, and roommate of 4 years at Oberlin, who happens to be on the conservative side of the coin. We had an amazing discussion about rail, and the history/present/future of Amtrak and other intercity rail companies. One point he really took to heart...
  2. Tlcooper93

    Another dubious article Sent by my dad. I know what I think, but I’m more curious about what you all think. Clearly he likes all things Musk.
  3. Tlcooper93

    Select Executive - Is it enough?

    Do you all feel that Select Executive provides enough perks to make it a worthy title to obtain? Given that one has to spend close to $10,000 in order to achieve status, do you feel Amtrak provides worthy perks? Before the United Lounge deal fell through, I would have said an immediate yes, but...
  4. Tlcooper93

    Trip Report - Silver Meteor, Orlando to NYP

    Just took a lovely trip from St. Petersburg to Boston via the Silver Meteor. I paid $482 for the complete ticket, though I ended up upgrading to an Acela at NYP for an extra $70. Unfortunately, Amtrak didn't communicate very effectively that the St. Petersburg thruway bus station switched...
  5. Tlcooper93

    A Silver at South Station

    If this has already been discussed, please link and disregard. Is it a silly idea to have one Silver service train continue up to Boston? As I was riding it north on Monday, and then changing to an Acela on Tuesday morning (along with about 10 other people from the same train going north to...
  6. Tlcooper93

    Acela 2158 not breaking 105

    Any ideas why Acela 2158 is so slow today (6/29)? The train didn’t once go faster than 105mph even in RI. Caused a 30 min delay overall.
  7. Tlcooper93

    The Pedestrian Observer

    My dad just forwarded me an interesting article (and website overall). I will admit, I don’t quite have the body of knowledge to comment on whether or not I agree with what is written, so I wanted to bring it here and see what the consensus (or perhaps lack thereof) will be...
  8. Tlcooper93

    Priority call handling

    I know that being Amtrak Select or higher (I just achieved Select) is supposed to grant you priority call handling. Last night however, I waited 2 1/2 hours on hold to get an agent. Does this sound normal (honest question)? Perhaps Amtrak is truly overloaded with calls.
  9. Tlcooper93

    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    This may be sacrilegious for this forum, or maybe this is already talked about in another topic. Feel free to delete nonetheless. I've been wondering lately: What would happen if Amtrak failed? This is virtually impossible in the current state, but I've been considering. Would passenger rail...
  10. Tlcooper93

    Reasonable Quiet Car Rules

    In your opinion, what are reasonable rules/expectations of your fellow passengers in the quiet car when it comes to noise and conversation.
  11. Tlcooper93

    First NEC Sleeper Journey - A Huge Letdown

    Just wanted to share a few thoughts and pictures from my overnight journey from BOS - WAS on the inaugural return of sleeper cars to the NE Regional 65-67. I would put this in the trip reports, but I thought it might spark additional conversation. Miles in Transit (who had a roomette next to...
  12. Tlcooper93

    Amtrak 66

    Hello, I'm scheduled from BOS - WAS tomorrow on Amtrak 67, and was hoping to take Amtrak 66 back up to BOS from WAS with a scheduled arrival at 7:58am. I have work at 8am (on Zoom) and noticed that Amtrak Metro Lounge in South Station has free Wifi. Couple Questions: Does this train tend to...
  13. Tlcooper93

    AmeriStarRail and the Grand Junction Railroad

    For those of you who do not know, has frequent free webinars about the rail travel in this country and around the world. I find them to be very fun and informative. The best part is the Q and A portions where you get real, informed answers to any burning questions you have. One of...
  14. Tlcooper93

    Sleeping cars returning to WAS-BOS starting 05APR21

    Hello everyone, I've heard rumors about the re-introduction of sleepers to the BOS-WAS/NPN route. My guess/instinct is these are just rumors, knowing how Amtrak feels about these things. That said, I do think if they introduced one sleeper in both directions with no diner, that there would be...