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    DFW Loop

    Was going to Fort Worth later in April and thinking about riding Texrail. Was wanting to do a loop, Texrail from Fort Worth to DFW, Dart to Dallas Union Station, TRE back to Fort Worth. Looks like Texrail goes to Terminal B at DFW and DART goes to Terminal A. Is it possible to go from one to...
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    Back on Amtrak

    After doing 13 years of summer vacations using Amtrak, we took the last two years off. One to save money and one to use that money to go to London. Now we are back for at least one more trip. Finally saved up enough points for the four of us to go Fort Worth to New York and back. Since the...
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    Weird Booking Issue - TE to LSL

    So if I do a booking from Fort Worth to New York Penn for 4 people, the Texas Eagle/Lakeshore Limited option shows two roomettes on the TE, but shows 4 roomettes on the LSL and will not let me change it to only two. Looks like issue starts happening in November 2019 onward. Going from Lamy to...
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    10% rebate with your onboard food and beverage purchases

    Got an email last night from AGR saying my Amtrak Mastercard now has additional benefit... Hungry for more benefits? Now, when you use your Amtrak Guest Rewards® Platinum Mastercard® for onboard food and beverage purchases, you'll receive a 10% rebate in the form of a credit on your next bank...
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    Ford Considers Buying Detroit's Central Station
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    Rooster & Butch TV Show (Alpine Amtrak station)

    Accidentally came across a TV show on A&E called Rooster & Butch. They are investors who bring people to Alpine , TX to try and get them to invest. It seems that all the potentials arrive on Amtrak at the Alpine station so there are quite a few shots of Amtrak trains on the episodes. Sent from...
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    Dining Car Failure

    So this is a new one to me after years and years of traveling Amtrak. On the Texas Eagle #21 right now. Dining car announced last night they were having a technical difficulty and the menu for breakfast would be limited. So we show up at 6:30 and I ask the LSA what the issue was. He replied...
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    My family and I will be vacationing this summer in lower Michigan. I found out my favorite MLB team will be playing in Toronto so we are going to spend a few nights there as well. One day we are making a run down to Niagara Falls. I was excited to see Via had one train running between the two...
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    Hiawatha Service Question

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered. Tried searching with nothing found. With Hiawatha Service being unreserved coach only, if you are ticketed one one particular train, can you instead board an earlier train? When booking Fort Worth to Milwaukee, it gives me several Hiawatha train option...
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    No Steak? SWC out of LA

    Okay, just got on number 4 in Los Angeles. In the past, they have always done a full dinner service. Tonight they announce it is a limited serving and they only have like 3 options and one is NOT the steak. Is this normal? Or is this a crew deciding to do their own thing?
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    Missed Southwest Chief/Surfliner Connection with AGR Ticket

    I am becoming less convinced that the Southwest Chief will arrive in time for our Surfliner 768 train to San Diego (in business class). If this turns out to be true, how should I handle getting re-ticketed to a later Surfliner? Should I just wait until I get to Los Angeles and let the ticket...
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    Southwest Chief #3(28)

    I see this particular train lost a lot of time between Lamy and Albuquerque yesterday (3 hours) and now seems to be running close to 5 hours late. Anyone know what caused this delay? (FYI, leaving on #3 from Lamy on July 4th so have been watching it closely)
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    BNSF Wreck near Panhandle Texas (near Amarillo)

    Looks like it was a head on collision. Of the four crewman, only one has been found and he is recovering at the hospital.
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    Southwest Chief #3(25)

    Looks like the train is stuck just north of Trinidad. Anyone know what has happened?
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    Amtrak Revenue and Cash Shortfall - Merged

    Was given a link to the following document from Joe Boardman... (only an image) (I searched a bunch of terms to see if this was being discussed and found nothing, sorry of this has been posted)
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    Blackout Dates under AGR 1.0

    I went to book a rewards trip under the old system for July 4th. Nope. Blackout dates still apply when using the old system. My options are to change my dates (which I cannot) or use the new system for our outbound trip.
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    Surfliner to Southwest Chief Options

    Been a while since I did this connection. I am going to book it on AGR 1.0. However, when I look at the trip on (San Diego to Lamy), it only gives me three options. Two are transferring in Fullerton and one in LAX but only arrives 30 minutes before the Southwest Chief departure...
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    New AGR vs. Old AGR

    Okay, have a trip next year (2016). It will cost us 60,000 points under the old system for two roomettes roundtrip. Using the points estimator on the AGR site, I can get this trip for only 49,404 points. My concern is that something will change and the actual points prices will be different...
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    California Train Ride

    I am currently at a conference in Orange County. I have Friday afternoon and evening free and was hoping to get a train ride in. I am thinking of just riding Metrolink from Tustin to LA and back. Or maybe from Santa Ana doing a Surfliner one way and Metrolink the other. Anyone have any other...
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    Texas Eagle 21(6/22/15)

    Shows in service disruption. Anyone know why?