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  1. crescent-zephyr

    Ex-Iowa Pacific / Pullman Cars for sale

    If anyone wants a private car, the Ed Ellis / Pullman Rail Journeys / Iowa Pacific Cars up for sale now. Full domes, all deluxe sleepers, lounge cars, and everything in between. I’ve got my own on a particular rail car... I really shouldn’t go down that road right now though! Haha...
  2. crescent-zephyr

    Armed Guards riding Southwest Chief?

    On trainorders there is a post about armed guards stepping off onto the platform with train crews in La Plata. It appears the guards are riding the train - anyone know who they are and what they are doing? Is this unique to the Southwest Chief? I’ve been subject and seen others subject to the...
  3. crescent-zephyr

    Amtrak Passenger found dead on Tracks

    These stories are extremely spooky... For those who don't remember this is all too similar to Aaron -...
  4. crescent-zephyr

    Generic dining car operation thoughts

    This is a thread where we can continue to discuss dining car operations and generic thoughts that branch off of those including, but not limited to cash register systems, comparisons to via rail, airlines, and national parks. I thought the National parks comparison was particularly interesting.
  5. crescent-zephyr

    Elderly lady kicked off Eagle. Saw this over on trainorders. Very odd story. Not sure why she was allowed to board with 2 dogs in the first place.
  6. crescent-zephyr

    Emeryville Amtrak Station Robbery / Shooting

    Haven't seen this posted yet... a chilling reminder to be on the lookout when traveling. Most of the regulars on here (myself included) have been in and out of this station several times over the years catching amtrak trains. While the areas around the Emeryville BART stations have felt pretty...
  7. crescent-zephyr

    Current Amtrak Business Class Offerings

    I thought I would put together a current list of Amtrak Business Class offerings as of February 12, 2018. These are the current listed offerings on Amtrak's site. All Business Class tickets feature dedicated "Business Class" Seating on the train, and 25% bonus on Amtrak Guest Rewards Points...
  8. crescent-zephyr

    Experiences with Rail Tours and Group Travel on Amtrak

    Since the other thread was locked for some reason, perhaps this discussion could continue here? Lots of interesting thoughts on how Amtrak group travel and Rail Tours work, and it was great to hear from passengers who have traveled with those tour groups.
  9. crescent-zephyr

    Who's running Amtrak f&b!?

    I've had a great day riding Amtrak in and out of chicago (Saluki and Wolverine) with good crews and lovely (if a bit warm) weather to sightsee in Chicago. But I just can't understand the logic of Amtraks food and beverage... 2 things I noticed, that are related. 1 - business class passengers...
  10. crescent-zephyr

    Unarmed Man shot by Amtrak Police

    Sad story...
  11. crescent-zephyr

    Current Sunset Limited LA arrival policy?

    Hello! Just off the Sunset Limited in LA. Sleeper passengers used to be aables to stay on the train until 6 or 7 am correct? I was told last night by the sleeper attendant I would have to get off the train upon arrival in LA. And since we were early into LA, that meant I had to be off the train...
  12. crescent-zephyr

    Live Report from Coast Starlight

    Roomette on the Coast Starlight, southbound Seattle to Los Angeles. Seattle has the boarding pass process now, so you stand in line, have your ticket scanned, and given a boarding pass with car and room # (seat # for coach). You have to do this before boarding. Seems like an unnecessary step...
  13. crescent-zephyr

    Carbondale - Chicago - St. Paul

    Heading up for the #261 steam excursion this weekend. Arrived Carbondale IL Amtrak station at 7:10 am. The train arrived about 7:15, and the Conductors just motioned to start boarding. No kindergarden walks, no gate dragons, just passengers boarding a train. Train departed exacty on time at...
  14. crescent-zephyr

    Steam Locomotive #3751 Trips

    Santa Fe #3751, will be operating two mainline trips this year, if everything gets approved. September, a trip over the Cajon Pass, and October 1, LA - San Diego. Lovely routes, both historic to the Santa Fe. (The last run for the #3751 in regular operation was pulling a passenger train San...
  15. crescent-zephyr

    Quick Trip Report on the Zephyr, Mostly Diner Related

    At the start of the month I traveled from Sacramento to Chicago on the Zephyr. I had a roomette, and for the most part the trip was lovely. - Snow in the Sierras , Looking Down on Donner Lake with Snow surrounding it was just beatiful. - Cottonwood Trees in the Ruby Canyon were at their peak...
  16. crescent-zephyr

    Capitol Limited WAS - CHI

    Monday I took the Capitol Limited from Washington to Chicago. By the time I stopped by the Jamba Juice before boarding it was so close to train time I figured I would just line up in the regular boarding line. Wow... this cattle call keeps getting worse. Just a mass of people trying to get...
  17. crescent-zephyr

    Amtrak Police Questioning in Chicago

    Hello Amtrak Board! I'm a long time reader of the board, but decided I would make an account and post this recent happening in Chicago. I've read about police questioning beforehand so I figured it was only a matter of time before my luck would turn but wasn't expecting twice in the same day...