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    Trip Report 8/21/21 – ABQ to DER - Southwest Chief #4 / Wolverine #350

    Loved your photos. Brought back some wonderful memories and moments from my journey on the SWC LA to Galesburg end of July. I had the "pizza party" report from that trip lol.
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    Dinner tonight on SW Chief

    Besides the pizza, I am pretty sure nothing else was offered. Maybe something from the cafe car but officially it was a pizza party or bust! I don't believe that any of the flex meals were even on board with the return of traditional dining. But as I said, we had a great time (free drinks...
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    Superliner roomette space, views

    Yes, unfortunately we had a full train until we arrived at the Reno Nevada stop. Which was almost the end of the trip. I did contact Amtrak customer relations and they were very helpful and supportive. We were supposed to return on the Zephyr after 4 days in San Francisco and they tried...
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    Superliner roomette space, views

    Another thing that will be impossible to know ahead of time is the "condition" of the sleeping car air conditioning. My wife and I just took the Cal. Zephyr from Galesburg Illinois to Emeryville CA. We had a superliner 2 roomette. The air conditioning in the room was non-existent! The car...
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    Dinner tonight on SW Chief

    Well the freezer didn't fail. It was an issue with the broiler/venting or so said the diner staff. They were still able and continued to serve everything except grilled items. This I'm guessing impacted the dinner menu the most so the pizza party idea came about. I am also sure they didn't give...
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    Dinner tonight on SW Chief

    Update : We had pizza delivered to the train. Veggie, sausage, cheese, pepperoni. And all the booze was free. Beer wine or mixed drinks that you made at the table. Some people seemed to enjoy it while a few skipped it altogether. Felt bad for the car crew who had to put up with the disgruntled ones.
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    Dinner tonight on SW Chief

    We are eastbound on the Chief and right after breakfast they announced that the kitchen was having "issues" and lunch menu would be scaled back. So at lunch we had a choice of Angus burger ( was really good), Hot dog and Mac and cheese from the kids menu, or a salad. Plus the chili. By supper...
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    Negative long distance trip review article based lack of value and inedible food

    I agree with most of what has been said. Amtrak does need to work harder to make the experience better. First impressions and all of that stuff. But, I think the gentleman should have approached the trip with an open mind. I used to love flying, but having gotten older I find that it bothers me...
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    Hello and question from a new member

    Hello all! I am so happy to have discovered this site and forum. I have been a train fanatic since birth practically. I grew up with Monons, Southerns, B&O/C&O, Pennsy/NYC, all coming through my hometown. My dad and I used to chase trains on weekends and I did the same with my own child. Now my...