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  1. lonewolfette9847

    Hurricane Ida - 08/2021

    ALB-NYP/NYC needs to have something done. I’m ticketed for 9/14 and I’m hopeful a week is enough for cleanup. Thing is, I can’t find updates anywhere but here! I’m a nervous enough person to begin with and this is not helping. 😳
  2. lonewolfette9847

    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    From a banking standpoint, non-customers wouldn’t be able to cash checks. Also, there’s rural cities & towns that really aren’t in the 21st century yet. We’re getting there, but I don’t see an all cashless society any time soon. Still too much cash going in & out of banks. I don’t mind not...
  3. lonewolfette9847

    Amtrak Dining

    In trying to understand where “Flex” Dining came from (I still don’t get how flex fits in), I found a couple of interesting articles & also discovered that Flex Dining existed before the pandemic (!) & admittedly I’m not as well versed as a lot of you are...
  4. lonewolfette9847

    Amtrak Mask Mandate - Practical Discussion

    My understanding from Amtrak is that the mask must cover nose, chin, & lay flat against the cheeks. Unfortunately that means neck gaiters & bandannas are also not allowed
  5. lonewolfette9847

    The COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card as a Travel Document

    As someone who works in a bank, tell me about it. As I keep hearing “masked bandit” jokes from customers, my “it’s only a joke” level sinks lower & lower. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. lonewolfette9847

    New Amtrak survey email yesterday

    I haven’t traveled since May 2019. I didn’t get a survey.
  7. lonewolfette9847

    Worst Passenger Rail Experience Ever?

    Two experiences come to mind, though they pale in comparison to others: 1. Late 1990s-ish we took a trip from NY to TX. I don’t recall what train but it had gone through Little Rock, AR. My parents & I were split up on the full train. A woman sitting by my dad kept insisting someone was...
  8. lonewolfette9847

    Post-vaccine Amtrak travel

    You have to have a ticket to ride Amtrak, so where’s the harm of enforcing mask, vaccine, or any other possible treatment (heard about a nasal spray that would essentially kill the virus before it could enter the body). My boss at work has no problem telling people they need to wear a mask to...
  9. lonewolfette9847

    Huge ridership killer in reservation system for 3x weekly service

    I get that less people are riding but I think having more trains allows people to spread out rather than crammed in to 1 train every 3 days. (Virus, you know.) I get that Amtrak doesn’t want to lose $ but I think safety is pretty important. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. lonewolfette9847

    Cross country travel: are there any quarantines affecting train travel

    I’m in Massachusetts & my employer would require a quarantine if I left the state & came back before I could return to work.
  11. lonewolfette9847

    Seating arrangements email

    I received an email from Amtrak about the seat reservation I have. However, when I logged in to check what seat I have (pretty sure it was window) Amtrak says this train is canceled. Talk about conflict! I’ve already rebooked on another train, but thought I’d share this oddity. Here’s the...
  12. lonewolfette9847

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Anyone else continuously fogging up their glasses while wearing their mask? Or perhaps I’m just full of hot air. 😉
  13. lonewolfette9847

    Service canceled

    Poking around on my Amtrak app I noticed that Train 184 which is currently canceled also shows as canceled for my late August ticket. I haven’t received any email from Amtrak. I’m thinking it’s just because the train isn’t running right now. Not worried, but found it curious. Anyone else with...
  14. lonewolfette9847

    Is it to soon to be booking a cross country trip in Sept?

    When I bought my August biz class tix they were the exact same price as my tix had been. Maybe it’s the seats or the NEC?
  15. lonewolfette9847

    GPS Device for use on Long Distance Trains

    I used the suction mount. It was only a 4 hour ride but it was nice to see the info it offered.
  16. lonewolfette9847

    Is it to soon to be booking a cross country trip in Sept?

    I booked for late August from Albany NY to Philly. I have hope that time will bring change for the better. Anything can happen. And if you book now, you can cancel with no fees through 5/31.
  17. lonewolfette9847

    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    Right now it’s stuck at 1:35pm eastern. I’m using iOS 13.2’s Safari.
  18. lonewolfette9847

    GPS Device for use on Long Distance Trains

    I’ve used a Garmin car gps & it works relatively well on the train. However, my particular model is several years old now & it’s been retired. I poked around Amazon & they have a large selection of name & non-name brands.
  19. lonewolfette9847

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Happened to notice NE Regional Train 173 has resumed service as of yesterday (4/6). It was suspended after the 3/13 run.