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  1. Saddleshoes

    Most Interesting Encounter (s) on a Train

    With the water problems being reported in the western states I have been thinking about a guy I meet over lunch on the CV some years go. As we were rolling thought the western slope of Colorado he was a wealth of information. When I ask how he knew some much about the area he told me he was...
  2. Saddleshoes

    What type of member are you?

    1---I am old enough to remember a few old steam locomotives that ran by our house. That started my interest in trains in general. 2---I contend that travel should take place on the surface of the earth. One needs to be aware of the changes in the earth with travel. Flying over the earth makes...
  3. Saddleshoes

    How terrible is it to ride Coach with kids on long distance trains?

    Your kids will do just fine. It will be one of their great childhood memories when they are adults.
  4. Saddleshoes

    Entertainment on the train

    Read a Book! If I have a long distance trip I try to find a book about the area I am passing through or about destination. That action increases the enjoyment of the book and the trip.
  5. Saddleshoes

    How well does a pocket radio work in the sleepers?

    I am a bit of an audiophile, and take a radio where ever/when ever I travel. I have tried all kinds of pocket radios over the years and the C Craine CC Pocket radio is the best I have found. I own two of them. (As a matter of fact I just walked in the door from a 50 mile bike ride and had my...
  6. Saddleshoes

    "Highball" - More terminology questions.

    I thought a "high ball" was the opposite of a strike. As in 4 "high balls" and you walk.
  7. Saddleshoes

    STL-CHI Conundrum: Which Train?

    While not quite the comments you were expecting, but still... I like to travel around Illinois with my bike. I prefer the to check my bike on the Texas Eagle over the carry your bike on arrangement with the Lincoln Service trains. The conductors are in charge of how you store your bike on the...
  8. Saddleshoes

    STL-CHI Conundrum: Which Train?

    I got this piece of info directly from the Amtrak site... Temporary Bag Storage Customers holding tickets for Amtrak travel may store their items in Parcel Check service when available for $10...
  9. Saddleshoes

    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    I much prefer to train travel solo over train travel with my wife. (Please don't tell her I said that!) My wife requires an extra big bag. I can travel with a small back pack. My wife insists on a bedroom on overnight train trips. I think a roomette is grand on overnight train trips. I...
  10. Saddleshoes

    Single person in superliner bedroom

    I did it last month on a Chicago to Denver trip. All the roomettes were taken but for some reason one of the bedrooms popped open and I took it. I enjoyed he extra room. The return trip in a roomette felt tight. For me, it falls into the same category as flying 1st class. Sometimes you...
  11. Saddleshoes

    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    I wouldn't call it ugly but the St. Louis station is certainly soulless. It is practical and plain. It is attached to a "transportation center" where long distance buses as well as the St Louis metro transit system pick up riders. Sadly, about 300 yards away is the stately, old St Louis Union...
  12. Saddleshoes

    Amtrak Stations closest to rail trails

    Not a rails to trails trail but... The Adventure Cycling Association - Route 66 Section #1 goes from Chicago to St. Louis following the historic route 66. It is about 300 miles long with lots of history and interesting things to see and experience. Good food, lodging and/or camping are...
  13. Saddleshoes

    Amtrak Stations closest to rail trails

    The Katy Trail runs almost the whole way across the state of Missouri, roughly from St. Louis to Kansas City. The Amtrak "Missouri River Runner" has many stops within a couple of miles of the trail. I have used the train successfully, a few times to access the Katy Trail with my bike. If you...
  14. Saddleshoes

    First ever Amtrak Experience

    1973 I had to get from Bloomington IL to Chicago in a blizzard. The roads were closed but the train was running. My sister and I decided to try the train. Amtrak got us there late but we got there. It was not a good trip because it was a standing room only run. I sat on my suitcase the...
  15. Saddleshoes

    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    After looking over the latest Amtrak wish list, I guess the Peoria Illinois political dream of bringing back the old "Rock Island Rocket" is finally dead. The Rock Island Rocket has a train that left Peoria in in the morning. It arrived in Chicago about the time that stores were opening for...
  16. Saddleshoes

    How is tipping done in a cash-less Amtrak world?

    I suspect a cash tip is preferred by train crew. A cash tip leaves no record. A cash tip may not be shared with others. A cash tip can be spent immediately. A. cash tip is specific to the relationship between that passenger and that crew memeber.
  17. Saddleshoes

    Have you been recognized by Amtrak staff due to frequent travel?

    Three years ago my wife, sister and I traveled on the SW Chief Chicago to Albuquerque for a spring break trip. When we got onboard for the trip home we had the same attendant as we did on the way down. He remembered us and we remember him. We had a good laugh to start the trip and it got...
  18. Saddleshoes

    Galesburg Illinois- parking

    Yes! It is immediately North of the station. (Very convenient.) I have used if often and feel quite comfortable in doing so.
  19. Saddleshoes

    Texas Eagle (2/9/21) stopped due to trespasser incident

    Somebody got hit by the train. See TV story
  20. Saddleshoes

    Worst Passenger Rail Experience Ever?

    My worst experience was by choice! My sister and I attended the same university in down state Illinois. Our family was in Pennsylvania. To get home one year meant flying out of Chicago. A winter blizzard rolled in and the only option was the train which was running 2-3 hours late. BUT IT...