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    Watching the Weather from a train

    I’ve always wanted to be on a train during inclement weather. The sound of the rain hitting the car, the snowy vistas, etc etc etc…I live in Monterey,CA now so weather is 60F and foggy for most of the year and I’ve never experienced anything more than a light rain or a snow flurry on the...
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    Canadian New Years Eve…what can I expect?

    I have always wanted to take the Canadian…and I love the snow. So I have a trip booked Vancouver to Winnipeg leaving New Years Eve 3.00pm Fri and arriving Winnipeg 10.00pm Jan 2 Sun. Wish I could go to Toronto but haven’t the time. I’m an American flying SFO to Vancouver Dec 30 and back from...
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    Ridin* on the City of New Orleans

    And I’ve got to say, a very pleasant experience. I’m with my 80 year old mom and dad. I swear they cannot pack less than four bags and quite possibly a steamer trunk for an overnight trip. They are in room C and I am in roomette 5. I had the best redcap experience ever. Mom has a mobility...
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    Locked the bathrooms on Texas Eagle

    Currently on the Texas Eagle Longview, TX to Chicago. Consist is an Engine, a sleeper, a cafe car, a coach on top with the baggage underneath, then a full coach. A five car train 22! So sad…. I know it’s the Eagle, knew what I was in for. No SSL, no Diner, Flex, etc…. but we’ve a full...
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    Climate and Volume controls on Superliners

    I know this is a question that must have been asked and answered…but I’m not so good at searching here. Q.1…does the hot cold knob for air conditioning actually do anything? It doesn’t seem so. In general, I’ve found the temp quite comfortable in my roomette travels, both winter and summer...
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    Traveling with Mom and Dad TE and CONO

    Advice for the TE and CONO early Aug (next month) I’ve convinced my 80 year old parents to go on their first train ride (I am their first born son at 60 And a true rail fan). They no longer want to fly or drive, so train it is. I’m flying back from Cali to meet them. We are booked leg 1...
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    Life onboard the new and improved Texas Eagle

    I am on the Texas Eagle in a sleeper. I go to the diner at 6.45 am, want a breakfast sandwich to take back to my room ( well what I really want is some bacon and grits but that’s another post) and am told by the LSA I have to go back to my room, punch the call button and order from the SCA...
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    What are these private cars?

    On the southbound Coast Starlight and just met the northbound in SLO. These four cars were on the northbound. What is their history?