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  1. Way2Kewl

    Texas Eagle 21 @ Texarkana today Jul 1 - Pull’n an Observation car.

    Texas Eagle 21 @ Texarkana today Jul 1 - Pull’n an Observation car. I wouldn't draw any conclusions it’s back yet, probably just hitch’n a ride. And strange position. Still, nice to see it on the consist again.
  2. Way2Kewl

    Amtrak stations within a mile of a Casino? (w/real dice Craps)

    I enjoy staying at a Casino hotel and playing “real dice” Craps while overnighting on my Amtrak trips. I also prefer the hotel to be very close to an Amtrak station. Around 1 mile or less. I’m also only interested in the Western LD trains. EB, CZ, SC, CS, or SL/TE. Nothing in the NEC. I live...
  3. Way2Kewl

    Southwest Chief & Calif Zephyr Sleeper Car #'s?

    Starting this week the Southwest Chief & Calif Zephyr are running a 3rd full Sleeper. As I understand it Sleeper car numbers ascend from the dining car. While some LD trains start with 0 (Texas Eagle xx30) and some with 1, I understand SC and CZ use the following numbering scheme. Can anyone...
  4. Way2Kewl

    Any rail cams that pick up the Coast Starlight?

    Does anyone know if any rail cams that pick up the Coast Starlight anywhere along the LAX>SEA route?
  5. Way2Kewl

    Zephyr #6 @ Galesburg bags sniffed as they leave today. - Webcam

    While watching the Zephyr #6 pull into Galesburg it was interesting to see the Zephyr #6 passengers have their bags sniffed. Didn’t look like any hits today. 5:02p arrival (12 hr DVR)
  6. Way2Kewl

    Texas Eagle 421 (thru to LAX). Is this a sleeper?

    I’ve noticed when the Texas Eagle pulled thru TXA, I don’t recognize the 421 sleeper. There were 4 cars behind the Lounge car. Normally I expect to see the 2 #21 coaches, then the 421 coach and the 421 sleeper on the end. I’ve known the sleepers to have the “single” window (H room) below the...
  7. Way2Kewl

    If the Transition Sleeper is dropped, where do the non-SCA crew sleep?

    With regards to the LD Superliner routes… With no Transition Sleeper, can the Conductor get to the baggage car and/or Engine? I’d assume without a TS the baggage car cannot be accessed while in motion. I’ve understood the TS sells roomettes 17 thru 24 to passengers and typically reserve 1-8 in...
  8. Way2Kewl

    How do you handle any rattling between the doors in the E-D & C-B Suites?

    How do you handle any rattling between the doors in the E-D & C-B Suites? Probably the most frustrating expectation if you’re in Rooms E, D, C, or B is that the sliding Suite door is going to rattle. In the past I’ve used Duck Tape and paper coffee cup strips but I can never get it to...
  9. Way2Kewl

    Lazy Amtrak Zephyr SCA Sleeper Attendant? "If needed, you can find me in room 1”

    Have you ever has a sour SCA? This one is a hoot. Listen to our SCA’s announcement to the entire Sleeper car. I’m a fan and frequent rider on Amtrak LD trains. Most SCA’s I’ve experienced try to make you feel welcome when introducing themselves and offering their services if you need...