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  1. jphjaxfl

    What type of member are you?

    I was born in 1948 . My Dad worked for the New York Central in Illinois. I started out traveling by train when I was less than a year old. We traveled to visit my Grandmother in Council Bluffs, Iowa which was a big Railroad town back then. There were 4 railroad depots lined up next to each...
  2. jphjaxfl

    Amtrak Mail and Express future

    Mail has changed dramatically since the last Railway Post Office cars and REA express cars disappeared in the late 1960s. I worked in the Jeffersonville, IN post office from 1966-68 during my first 2 years in college. When I first started, we dispatched and received mail from various RPOs the...
  3. jphjaxfl

    Bill Haithcoat's Health Condition

    I am very sorry to hear of Bill's passing. We have exchanged e-mails a number of times. He grew up in Chattanooga where my Dad was born. He was very knowledgable and had many experiences riding trains. Condolences to his family! Joe Henry
  4. jphjaxfl

    Which route(s) do you travel the most?

    I have been traveling on Amtrak since A-day in 1971. For the first few months, I was in the Louisville, so the South Wind was my train. From 1972-1975, I was stationed in Grand Forks, ND so I made over 50 trips on the Empire Builders plus many other trains. Then, I was in Minneapolis...
  5. jphjaxfl

    The Crescent and Sunday blue laws

    I remember being in Dallas or Houston on business in the 80s when restaurants would give you a separate tab for liquor and for the food you consumed. It meant you had to keep track of extra receipts when submitting T&E statements.
  6. jphjaxfl

    The Crescent and Sunday blue laws

    I remember reading about a situation when Amtrak's Lone Star was still running. A Kansas Law Enforcement officer stopped the train and walked through and found that alcohol was being sold in the lounge car. The lounge car attendant was arrested and detained. The train was delayed during...
  7. jphjaxfl

    The Crescent and Sunday blue laws

    Amtrak trains have been stopped by Law Enforcement Officers and lounge car attendants or others arrested for not adhering to local blue laws. This was true on preAmtrak passenger trains as well.
  8. jphjaxfl

    Amtrak Serving "College Towns"

    Illinois Central also had depot in downtown Bloomington, IN.
  9. jphjaxfl

    Amtrak Serving "College Towns"

    It was right downtown off of Walnut Street until 1966 when it moved to the edge of the McDowell yard until the passenger service ended in September, 1967. Amtrak stopped at a downtown platform at 4th and Morton Streets from 1975 until the Floridian was discontinued in October, 1979...
  10. jphjaxfl

    Amtrak Serving "College Towns"

    The former Monon line now CSX still operates with Amtrak's Cardinal and Hoosier States from Chicago to Crawfordsville! I attended Indiana University in Bloomington when Monon operated Thoroughbred still operated until 1967. I was very pleased when Amtrak started using the Monon line in 1975...
  11. jphjaxfl

    Does the Decline of the Boomer Generation Hurt Amtrak?

    In the pre Amtrak era, many Railroads had "mothballed" passenger train equipment that they could pull out for use in peak times such as Thanksgiving. Most passenger railroads built at least some new equipment every 15-20 years. I remember riding coaches with celestory roofs and walkover seats...
  12. jphjaxfl

    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Great analogy! I agree 100%. Some of the focusing on past has gotten the passenger rail system in the situation it is today.
  13. jphjaxfl

    Second train CHI-MSP

    You have done an excellent assessment of reinstating passenger train service just about any place in the US. Look at all the obstacles AAF/Brightline has encountered in Florida which is a privately funded project. I strongly believe that Brightline from Miami to Orlando will be very successful...
  14. jphjaxfl

    CUS electrification

    Where is the funding coming from for Amtrak to convert all cars to viewliners? Since Amtrak owns the Viewliner design, why haven't they finished up the the current group of Sleeping cars and Dormitory Baggage cars?
  15. jphjaxfl

    Chicago Union Station: My View Based on My Experience

    Chicago Union Station was much more user-friendly in the 50s and 60s prior to Amtrak. With Amtrak owning, the facility, it should be more user-friendly. Keep in mind Chicago had 5 other intercity train stations, most of which were easier to use than Union even then. My favorite was Dearborn...
  16. jphjaxfl

    How Many "Union Stations" Are There?

    It really wasn't practical for Amtrak to continue to use the large stations for so few trains. A good example is Jacksonville, FL which still has a grand old Union Terminal which is now used by the City as a convention auditorium. Amtrak use the Terminal for almost 2 years after they started...
  17. jphjaxfl

    Phoenix AZ?

    Except for the Northeastern US where Amtrak owns the right of way (in conjunction with some commuter entities) Amtrak has to travel on tracks owned by the freight railroads which say where Amtrak can operate. When Amtrak started, the traveling public was lead to believe that service would...
  18. jphjaxfl

    How Many "Union Stations" Are There?

    Peoria. Illinois had a beautiful Union Station which was built in 1882, but, unfortunately, destroyed by fire in the early 1960s. It's last passenger train was in 1955. It was built and owned by the Peoria and Pekin Union Railroad which was a terminal railroad owned by several major railroads...
  19. jphjaxfl

    Brightline (FEC) Update

    The traffic through the West Palm Beach to Miami corridor on both I-95 and the Florida Turnpike which is further west but parallels I95 can be extremely congested all hours of the day specially in the winters months. Brightline has been needed for years.
  20. jphjaxfl

    Heritage Rebuilds Question

    I remember the doors as shown on the pictured Slumbercoach being red, not orange.