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  1. lonewolfette9847

    Seating arrangements email

    I received an email from Amtrak about the seat reservation I have. However, when I logged in to check what seat I have (pretty sure it was window) Amtrak says this train is canceled. Talk about conflict! I’ve already rebooked on another train, but thought I’d share this oddity. Here’s the...
  2. lonewolfette9847

    Service canceled

    Poking around on my Amtrak app I noticed that Train 184 which is currently canceled also shows as canceled for my late August ticket. I haven’t received any email from Amtrak. I’m thinking it’s just because the train isn’t running right now. Not worried, but found it curious. Anyone else with...
  3. lonewolfette9847

    East-West Passenger Rail, MassDOT Did anyone make the meeting in Springfield last night (2/12)? From the articles, it sounds promising. Was just wondering if anyone...
  4. lonewolfette9847

    AGR purchased etickets on app

    I’ve read where the tickets purchased with AGR points don’t appear in the app. However, even the lookup doesn’t work. I also can’t look it up via the website. I was able to view this AGR ticket in the app until about a week ago (purchased 11/30/19). Which means I could see it in app for over 2...
  5. lonewolfette9847

    New York Penn Station passengers lining up early

    In my several years traveling through NYP, I've noticed passengers often start lining up ahead of track announcements. I know there are small monitors that give tracks slightly in advance, however I was watching one of these smaller monitors last year & people still started lining up even before...