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  1. Irelandvegas65

    EMY to Glenwood then to CHI changes in room type on both segments

    Today my TA called to let me know my bedrooms have been changed on the first let of EMY to Glenwood Springs OCt 7 and then ( oct 10) the bedrooms have been changed to Roomettes with a refunded amount to be sent out via my TA. Here are my questions. Does this happen often? Does it indicate...
  2. Irelandvegas65

    Scanners, Radio and Other such tech inquiries

    I have been watching videos for my October 2021 Empire to Coast Starlight to Zephyr journey. One piece of tech I have seen are Scanners, tuned to Amtrak frequencies. It looks like a fun, and useful item, but a few minutes on Amazon show a great cost for a none regular Amtrak passenger. Can...
  3. Irelandvegas65

    A bunch of first timer questions

    This forum has been great, there are so many knowledgeable members here, its awesome! I have questions that ive tried to find the answers for, but most are not very specific, often Amtrak's site is a bit vague, I am certain anyone who's been on this type of trip will know how things really...