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  1. johann

    Empire Builder 2022 Outrageous Bedroom Fares

    Thanks. I was especially confused by the top/bottom bed distinction.
  2. johann

    Empire Builder 2022 Outrageous Bedroom Fares

    I could not find the San Francisco to Chicago fares, but did get comparable Coach and Pullman fares for Colorado Springs to San Francisco to be $41.88 and $52.68. However I am confused by the "FARES FOR OTHER STANDARD PULLMAN ACCOMODATIONS" but know someone can explain this.
  3. johann

    Downeaster questions

    The BON/BOS segment is so important for many trips, in my case TPA-BRK, that it has become my icon. No rail or redcap service is available, only the T, Uber, or walking.
  4. johann

    Getting off at South Station with Back Bay Ticket

    Continuing from BBY to BOS is easy, but continuing to BON is not.
  5. johann

    Amtrak Dining

    Presumably “Flex” comes from flexible, which means “susceptible of modification or adaptation” according to my dictionary. Unfortunately after 100 pages of posts since the first one a mere six months ago, “modification or adaptation” continues to be restricted to the tight confines of the Flex...
  6. johann

    Amtrak Dining

    For four meals on the Silvers last month, my wife and I shared two Flexes [yes, 8 Flexes!]. I'd have preferred the $16. Or one Five Guys small burger and fries which, for less than $10 feeds us both with a bonus of cold fries for the dog when we get home. The only possible upside for a a pair of...
  7. johann

    Amtrak Dining

    In no way am I a gourmet or picky eater, but between 4 meals each for my wife and me, I sampled all 5 of the Flex Dining entrees on our Silver Star Roomette trip north on 7 June and south on the Silver Meteor on 28-29 June. All are just barely eatable. If you are hungry. Luckily we had a...
  8. johann

    Amtrak Footware Requirement?

    So, what can happen if a passenger is wearing, say, Adidas Sliders or Kenkoh sandels, with no other foot-ware in luggage?
  9. johann

    First look at Moynihan Train Hall

    Time-wise, what can two people with two small bags reasonably see of Moynihan Train Hall and the lounge during a [scheduled] 1:25 transfer from Train 93 to a roomette on Train 97 Silver Meteor? In preparation of my first LD trip in a long time [round-trip TPA to BOS and on to BRK], I have been...