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    Early boarding in Metropolitan Lounge

    In two days, I'll be headed up to Chicago to catch train 355, a Hiawatha, to Milwaukee to connect with the Empire Builder to East Glacier (Yes, I realize the stupidity... but I'm sure you all can relate to the fact that I wanted to ride more than just one train). My question is, since I have a...
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    Train #P076????

    On Saturday, 1/31, I was on a southbound Tri-Rail headed to Dania when an insanely short Amtrak whizzed by with what appeared to be a single P42 and 2-3 Viewliners. Usually I try and be very specific with my consists, but this was whizzing by the window of a 40 mph Tri-Rail at about 60mph...
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    The Beauty of a Rail Pass

    One of the many reasons I never make plans for times like my two week Winter Break vacation is the prospect of being able to travel at a moment's notice to an undetermined destination for an undetermined amount of time. This year, I limited myself to my home state and with a backpack in tow...
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    Career Dilemma

    I've got about two years until I need to seriously consider my options, but even so, I've found myself in a mental stalemate of how to pursue my planned career path. I'm planning on starting out as a conductor by way of NARS for either BNSF or Montana Rail Link. I know my final decision should...
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    What to do with the LAST Florida Rail Pass

    By some crazy miracle, I happened to finally come across $249 on the very last day the Florida Rail Pass was being sold. Finally, I can go anywhere in my state at any time.... and that just begs the question; after I go to Winter Haven, Tampa, Sebring, and Okeechobee, where next? I'd like to...
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    Baggage Cars

    Looking back on what routes offer checked baggage and what routes don't, I realized something incredibly... retarted. And pretty obvious too, so tell me if it's already been mentioned here. I can see why trains like the TE and CONO were stripped of their baggage cars; they have coach baggage...
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    Looking to Buy or Lease an F40PH

    A few weeks ago I started volunteering at a museum down in Miami, which offers train rides on various equipment from cabooses, to refurbed Budd Heritage cars, to flat steel Metra commuter cars. The last engine they purchased to provide a decent amount of operational locomotives was a terribly...
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    Old Southern Crescent Consist Question

    I saw this: picture on railpics and was wandering just what kind of train the S Crecent was considered (LD or corridor). I can't tell what kind of car is on the end, but the rest of the consist looks like 7 Amfleet I coaches and 2 Amfleet...
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    As I look through the possible days when I can head back home from the north next week, I'm realizing that EVERYTHING is completely sold out, that being both the Silver Meteor and Star from NYP between the days of August 6th-9th. I can always possibly stay a few days extra, or, dare I say...
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    Sneaking a Shower

    On Saturday, August 2nd I'll be heading up north to Connecticut and probably beyond, as I posted a few days ago. There's no way I can afford a sleeper all the way to New York, especially by booking as late as I did (3 days ago), so I'll be in coach for 26 hours from DFB-NYP on the Meteor and...
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    Last Minute New England Trip

    In two weeks or so there's a good chance I'll be taking the SM up from Florida, change over to either Acela or a Regional and stay with friends near New Haven, CT for a few days. Heading back home after just a few days would be pointless, so I'm looking for ideas as to where I could find an...
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    Weird occurence on 91

    Today I headed back home to Deerfield after spending a few days in and around Tampa and caught the afternoon Silver Star south. The typical Amfleet II lounge car was subbed out for a Horizon cafe... something I've never ever ever seen or heard about on any east coast long distance train...
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    Empire Builder without a sightseer lounge??!!

    I started browsing this morning on and found this! With this being a recent picture, I'm wandering why there's a coach car in the sport where a Sightseer Lounge is supposed to be. And on the Builder too. Empire Builder without a lounge
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    How to get from Florida-Montana... cheaply

    After flying back from my train trip to Pittsburgh last month, I was so disgusted at the difference that I promised myself I'd do whatever I could to never have to fly anywhere ever again... with no exaggeration. I stayed at the Izaak Walton Inn last end of June and really want the opportunity...
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    Going north with a quick question about weather

    On March 26th, I'll be taking the Silver Meteor to Washington from DFB, FL and connecting with the Capitol Limited to head on to Pittsburgh. Is there any chance at all that there'll be snow outside at any portion of the trip? How should I be dressed during my 7-8 hour layover in Washington...
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    Totally random.... but fun trip

    Just to let everybody know..... this is my first "trip report".... so I appreciate any tips I also forgot to record car numbers 'n such. A few days before the weekend of the 15th of December, I sort of felt like getting out of town and the people I know for a while... So what better to do than...
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    Winter train trip

    I'm thinkin it wouldn't be a bad idea to take Amtrak somewhere this Spring Break.... but i sort of don't know where to go. I'd like to either take the Empire Builder to Big Mountain Resort in Whitefish or the CZ and possibly a connecting train (CS maybe) to Salt Lake City for skiing around...
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    Freight Engineers

    I know this page is supposed to be for Amtrak/passenger trains only, but I've become interested in getting a job with a freight railroad out west to work my way up to engineer. Based on the research I've done, Union Pacific seems to be the best choice since they're rated the nation's best...
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    Silver Service Travel Advise

    I'm looking to take the Silver Star and then the Capital Limited from south Florida to Pittsburgh via Washington this June. If anybody's got any personal experiences/photos/advice, please let me know! :D