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  1. Michigan Mom

    Chicago to Toronto via Detroit and Windsor

    I did a version of the OP trip pre-pandemic. It was a breeze then, plenty of Uber/Lyft to take you from the Amtrak station in Detroit to the tunnel bus stop. (Uber/Lyft border crossing was a dicey issue even then). Boarding the bus with a service animal should not be a problem, and there's a...
  2. Michigan Mom

    Empire Builder 2022 Outrageous Bedroom Fares

    I'm seeing some Roomette prices trend lower for the fall, on the Capitol Ltd, than they were this summer. On certain days. Not booking anything, because there's no same day connection to Raleigh, NC. Still good to see some viable travel options if the right situation presents itself. Edit...
  3. Michigan Mom

    Tier Qualification Points

    I seem to have some magic TQP activity as well... maybe time to book a trip...
  4. Michigan Mom

    Amtrak Vacations trip

    I've always wondered about those vacations packages... your report confirms exactly what I perceived the disadvantages to be. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Michigan Mom

    What is your favorite station?

    I have a soft spot for the Toledo Amtrak station. Some great memories of waiting there, for a late night EB train adventure, with my kids, anticipating what was ahead. It was always somewhat surreal being there at night, and the place has history and character. The waiting room was never so...
  6. Michigan Mom

    Negative long distance trip review article based lack of value and inedible food

    Well, he did list the positives, at least. His writing style is not really engaging, though, it's not content I would seek out, even for free.
  7. Michigan Mom

    Chi-STl RT 301-306: will we really travel 90 mph?

    Thanks for posting your report! Brought back memory of taking that same RT years ago... the 6 hours in coach was pleasant and the scenery interesting. We took the light rail around downtown STL and stayed at a hotel right by the rail station, in the historic train depot (it was so long ago...
  8. Michigan Mom

    NC Research Triangle bus service

    Interesting Cirdan. I've not been to Houston, only DFW. It's been some years too. At that time, you had to take 2 buses (free) to connect to the rail station that took you all the way downtown Dallas. In the other direction, all the way to downtown Ft. Worth. As you mentioned, it was kind of...
  9. Michigan Mom

    NC Research Triangle bus service

    Those are really excellent points MARC. Luggage storage capacity varies from limited to nonexistent in most bus services I've seen. It almost requires that as a traveler, you have nothing larger than a carryon bag. Some airports - from personal experience, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm...
  10. Michigan Mom

    NC Research Triangle bus service

    Well, no excuses for my not mentioning DC and STL, both of which I've been to - although, STL has been over a decade ago.
  11. Michigan Mom

    NC Research Triangle bus service

    Travel this summer has been a mixed bag... a welcome discovery is the Go Triangle bus service. No charge to ride for the remainder of 2021, making it possible to get to and from the airport (in this case, RDU) for free... amazing. Regular fare is a couple of bucks when they start charging...
  12. Michigan Mom

    Acela upgrades 1st Class Dining as of Summer Fall 2021

    That spinach omelette has been enthusiastically maligned on this forum... :) To me it was actually a decent breakfast, with the plain home fries on the side.
  13. Michigan Mom

    Another dubious article

    Wouldn't get in one of those pods if you paid me.. never been impressed by the Musk for the Tesla, I love the concept of electric cars. However the recent news reported by fire departments about the water and manpower required to put out the battery fires when the car is involved in...
  14. Michigan Mom

    Sudden roomette price increase

    I've been perusing roomette prices out of North Carolina (Raleigh and other stations) either to NYP or South Florida for a while now. In a nutshell, the rooms are selling and I'm priced out of that market. OTOH the rail options between Charlotte and Durham are quite appealing, only $25 Coach...
  15. Michigan Mom

    Timetables returning in September?

    Has there been any news of the timetables return? It is really frustrating being limited to the point to point option on the app. I don't think it's asking too much to see the complete route of a given train, with every station stop and times.
  16. Michigan Mom

    Auto Train with Small Children 7/28/2021

    Another of the excellent writers on this forum...thanks for sharing your experience! The grands will remember this all their lives!
  17. Michigan Mom

    Sudden roomette price increase

    The prices have gotten quite ridiculous, yes. When you look at a city pair and realize you can purchase a first class seat on a major airline for less than the cost of a roomette, or purchase a coach seat and get there in a couple of hours for the same money... yes, it's arguably high cost for...
  18. Michigan Mom

    Sudden roomette price increase

    Oh, it's not a fallacy. I didn't say the demographics changed. It's a continuation.
  19. Michigan Mom

    Sudden roomette price increase

    What's happening is Disney pricing... there's enough wealthy people willing to pay, that there's no business reason to care about anyone who can't. Basically the wealthy are hollowing out America as we know it.