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    The perfect circle trip.

    Having ridden on every Amtrak long distance train multiple times,I think this is about a perfect circle as you can get. Using DC as your start and end points,the Capitol Limited to Chicago,The Zephyr to Sacramento,The Starlight to Portland,the Builder to Chicago and the Cardinal back to DC...
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    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    The low bucket price on the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles for one is $899,up from $623 last week. The other Western trains,the California Zephyr and the Empire Builder are still at $563 and $529 to their end points from Chicago. Is there any logical explanation for the huge spike...
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    No more identical pricing for The Texas Eagle and Southwest Chief

    Checking on trips next year from Chicago to LA on The Texas Eagle. Looks like a low bucket one person roomette had jumped from $623 to $899. Southwest Chief remains at $623,and those fares are hard to find. I checked every date in February March and April. So much for the extra day at the same...
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    50th Anniversary promotion

    I was wondering if they would do something. 50% off all coach fares and Acela fares nationwide with the exception of the Pennsylvanian,Keystones and Surfliners and no more than $50 per segment. From Chicago to LA it's $50..two nights on the Chief,three nights on the Texas Eagle for example. If I...
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    Daily service returning in May

    May 24th for a few trains and two weeks later for every train. It's in the system. Finally some good news. Amtrak says flex dining is supposed to end May 21 for the Wester. trains. I am hoping that means full service dining will return the next day.
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    Business Class differences?

    I am on the Coast Starlight in business class. A little more room and only amenity is a bottle of water. There used to be a voucher from the cafe car. Not any more. Later this week I'll be on the Lake Shore from Chicago to Albany. You get one free alcoholic beverage and unlimited soft drinks...
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    Will full service dining ever return to the Western trains?

    I read in another forum that a high level official on Amtrak said full service dining will not return. If that is the case,and I have a feeling it is,there should be other offerings like sandwiches and pizza. Isn't there a refrigerator? Also the price for sleepers should be adjusted for the huge...