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    Northeast Regional to DC

    We have reservations to take a Northeast Regional from Boston to DC and return in mid-September. Usually we take an Acela. My assumption is that masks will be required on the train. We have been fully vaccinated. Just wondering if anyone in the group has been to DC recently and can tell me...
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    San Jose Shooting and Amtrak

    Concerning the unfortunate shooting at San Jose, I am wondering if the light rail facility where this shooting took place is located near the Amtrak station or line used by Amtrak. Does this light rail system connect or interface with Amtrak?
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    448/449 Bustitution

    Just as the swallows return each year to San Juan Capistrano so the bus seems to return each spring to replace 448 and 449 between Boston and Albany for an extended period of time. This is done by Amtrak in order to remove any doubt that 448 and 449 are the least respected trains in the Amtrak...
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    Texas Eagle Sightseer lounge discontinued

    I saw on another list that the Texas Eagle sightseer lounge was being discontinued "permanently" between Chicago and San Antonio. Evidently a desperate move on Amtrak's part to clearly show that their trains are not worth riding.
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    Colorado Springs

    I have tried to check out a hypothetical trip to Colorado Springs involving Amtrak (either Nos. 5 and 6 or 3 and 4) but it doesn't seem to be especially workable. The Amtrak site will allow me to book Chicago to Colorado Springs and shows the thruway bus connection which I assume is...
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    Extending an Amtrak Voucher?

    I have an Amtrak non-refundable voucher that expires in March. I am wondering if anyone has been able to have a voucher extended in light of COVID-19 and if so, what would be the best Amtrak department and number to call to request this. (Maybe Amtrak has made a general policy to extend...
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    Post-vaccine Amtrak travel

    If the moderators feel this should be moved to another thread, please do so. It appears that we will have a COVID-19 vaccine in a few months although it will probably not be widely available for some time. A significant section of the population has indicated that they have no interest in...
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    Amtrak Agents Reinstated at Lamy

    The Lamy Junction newsletter reports that uniformed Amtrak Agents have been reinstated at Lamy. Is this happening at other places or is it unique to Lamy?
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    Non-refundable eVoucher Question

    I imagine this question must have been answered before but I have searched and can't find it. I am looking for advice on the following: I have a non-refundable Amtrak eVoucher which expires in March 2021. I have no plans to travel on Amtrak by that date. I understand that a non-refundable...
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    Lamy is hopping!

    From their newsletter it looks like things are hopping at the beautiful Santa Fe station in Lamy - food, beer (which some regard as a necessary food) music, ground beef, vegetables, yoga, etc. These people have done a great job bringing some life to this settlement. Am I correct that Amtrak's...
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    Happy National Train Day

    This used to be National Train Day. Maybe it still is in some places. I recall being on the Zephyr a few years ago on National Train Day. I think there was going to be a celebration at Denver that day but unfortunately it was timed to begin after the Zephyr departed. There was also going...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    I see a report on Trainorders that 3 and 4 are operating without dining car crews and that sleeping car passengers are receiving boxed meals. I don't know if this is limited to only one or two editions of 3 and 4 or if it will be standard procedure for a while. As shown the Flagstaff webcam...
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    Strange Incident at Flagstaff 4(3)

    Very unusual incident at Flagstaff this morning (April 4). No 4 (3) detrained a woman in a wheelchair from one of the coaches. The woman in her wheelchair, with her walker and other belongings was left on the platform unattended and the train departed. A few minutes later the woman can be...
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    RPA Renewal Questions

    I am wondering if others have had this problem. I renewed my Rail Passengers Association membership in December and based on my credit card statement, they received my money. Yesterday I received two mailing from RPA asking me to renew my membership. The letters were worded differently. One...
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    Westbound California Zephyr Denver Stop

    The last time I was in Denver about 5 or 6 years ago, the renovations at Union Station were still ongoing. Now that I understand they have been completed, does the westbound Zephyr's stop at Denver normally allow enough time for passengers to leave the train for a few minutes to check out the...
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    Guest Rewards points question (2 passengers on same reservation)

    I am wondering if someone can explain how points are awarded in these situations: 1. If there are two travelers on the same reservation and only one is a guest rewards member, how are the points for the trip awarded? Does the guest rewards member get points for both travelers? 2. If both...
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    Amtrak Mastercard Coverage Change

    My apologies if this has been posted previously. I notice that the Bank of America Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard appears to have dropped "Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance" coverage effective October 1, 2019. Previously the coverage had been $250,000. It seems to me that several...
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    Lunch on 449 and Dinner on 448

    Has anyone had recent experience on how lunch is handled on 449 between Boston and Albany for sleeping car passengers? And how about how dinner is handled on 448 between Albany and Boston? Are some flexible dining meals carried in the café car on these trains for sleeping car passengers? Or...
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    Richard Anderson - Bloomberg article

    I don't know if anyone has posted a link to this article yet but if not, here it is (and if it has been posted, my apologies):
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    Grand Junction, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

    We are planning a trip on Zephyr to Grand Junction in early May. We will stay at Grand Junction for a couple days and then drive to Moab, Utah and visit Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and then on to Monument Valley. We have been on the Zephyr before and we have been to Monument Valley...