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    Cellular and wifi at Penn Station

    I was wondering how existing cellular and wireless coverage is at Penn Station outside of the Amtrak lounge areas and areas close by entrance and exit ways such as deep at the platforms or concourses. LIRR is signing a deal this week with Boingo for Penn station wifi and cellular and I am...
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    Amtrak Fire at Beech Grove

    Heard about the Beech Grove fire. I don’t believe anyone was hurt from reports I heard. Hopefully they can repair or rebuild the facility quickly and add appropriate working water connections and fire safety standards. I don’t know if it was intentional but apparently they are investigating...
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    Silver Meteor 97 and 98 issues (4-27-21)

    Apparently there was a mechanical bridge issue delaying one train and a police issue delaying another. Silver Meteor couldn’t catch a break today. Trains were holding up very well in terms of OTA even with the ongoing CSX work till May 5th.
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    Covid 19 vaccination proof?

    Just wondering if Amtrak has plans for vaccination proof or antibodies and the like before travel In states that allow vaccine passports? NY State has the Excelsior Pass and I wonder if Penn Station travelers will be able to use the Excelsior pass or another digital passport if such becomes...
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    More Amtrak On Time Arrivals, some trains even early!

    Was looking at the train status today with train speed and times at each station and was impressed to see lots of on time arrivals and even trains which were early. Texas Eagle was on time while Southwest Chief was delayed. NY to Florida trains had really good speeds in South Florida and in...
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    Does Amtrak cost more if you split up a trip?

    If you take an Amtrak trip and decide to stay over to break up the trip at a stop on the route and take the next train to the final destination, does Amtrak come out to be more expensive as you book two separate tickets? I am not sure how Amtrak pricing models work.
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    Amtrak and CSX Track work Virginia/North Carolina

    Looks like CSX is doing a lot of track work in Virginia and North Carolina areas. Between the two different CSX projects posted by Amtrak, it looks like today is the last day of actual service suspensions on those dates. After that, there will be just service delays. CSX seems to be committed...
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    Long haul train travel times

    Have any of Amtrak’s long haul trains seen travel time reductions due to infrastructure improvement projects outside of the Northeastern corridor? I do know the Northeastern Corridor travel time will be decreasing with the new train sets and infrastructure projects that are underway.
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    LIRR Radar shows all the train locations

    Was told about the page which shows all the LIRR and equipment trains. I have never seen the LIRR in this viewing mode before.
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    Long Island Railroad

    Was looking at the Long Island Railroad planned work and noticed they added a switch installation for Westbound trains from Jamaica to Penn Station. I wonder if it is a higher speed switch as part of the Jamaica Capacity improvement project or perhaps a train siding or something else. The...
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    New Amtrak Moynihan train hall at NYP

    It is hard to believe that the new Moynihan train hall will finally be ready soon which will make using Amtrak at Penn Station in NYC so much nicer in every way including the new Metropolitan Lounge! I hope they improve boarding procedures. I presume NJ Transit will take over the existing...
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    Lake Shore Limited NYP to Chicago

    The main hub of Amtrak to get west seems to be Union Station in Chicago for all of the trains from New York City. Fastest way from Ny Penn Station is the Lake Shore Limited coming in at over 19 hours to get there. A lot of infrastructure work has occurred on the line as well. The new...
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    Coronavirus and other virus and bacteria on mass transit

    As being in NYC, I have felt ill myself recently and while I wasn’t in China or near anyone regularly from affected areas, the virus and bacteria on mass transit is still always in my mind. New airplanes have powerful HEPA filtration systems and I don’t know what filtration systems subways and...
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    Protestors need to be arrested and banned from the MTA

    These protestors keep screwing over the commute for people who actually pay their fares and have real jobs. They should increase cops even more, and raise usage based fares and remove taxation as a way to fund the MTA as taxpayers are on the hook for the freeloaders. Bonds and other financing...
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    Additional frequency on Northeast Regional trains?

    Does the Northeast Regional have the ability for more trains with greater frequency of service and more trains to stop at certain routes along the route? I know there is an RFP out for Amfleet I replacements so I was hoping this could lead to more frequent service and faster trains.
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    United Airlines and Amtrak partnership

    United Airlines is the only airline which has ticketing and shared lounges with Amtrak that I know of. United Airlines has the Newark hub which connects to Amtrak from Penn Station and United seems to be focusing on that and pulled out of JFK and removed the Cleveland route from LGA for...
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    Is Quick Trak still around to print tickets?

    Just wondering if Quick Trak still exists to print out tickets when one uses internet to book tickets? Fortunately my main station is Penn Station, NY but it seems like the machines have been removed from a lot of locations from what I see which is disappointing.
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    Amtrak doing a terrific job considering the circumstances

    Been evaluating Amtrak which I have been on a few times before and Joe Boardman and his team have really done an excellent job considering the circumstances given to it. Unlike Airlines which are more simplistic to operate, trains require more ground based infrastructure and equipment so costs...