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    London to Glasgow Caledonian Sleeper Train

    Found two interesting Caledonian Sleeper Train travel vlog/reviews. Most modernist sleeper train I've ever seen. Interior style I think is close to Marriott Springhill suite. Receptionist welcomes you at the platform. You get your key card for your room when checking in from station. Feel...
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    Coast Starlight update

    Attached latest service update. Feel sorry for those who booked sleepers. Should be a good opportunity to push back 12 hours on schedule and make them 2 sleepers trains travel overnight.
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    Amtrak #5, a deer about to be hit, an airplane flew overhead, Moffat Tunnel

    Pictures took on recent trip on Amtrak #5
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    Free upgrade from Roommate to Bedroom

    Just around 12 hours before my trip on California Zephyr, received an email with updated ticket. Room changed from 003 to E. So essentially a free upgrade to bedroom. Wondering anyone experienced the same. So happy... Posted from room E
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    Amtrak's 50th and WDW's 50th anniversary

    I was wondering if Amtrak's 50th and WDW's 50th anniversary being at the same year was a coincidence, given Walt Disney was a big fan of railways. Would like to share my respect as a fan of both worlds as well. Words were saying If Walt did not go well with animation industry at early stage, he...
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    #421 cancelled due to service disruption

    Got a call this morning saying train 421 for tomorrow cancelled for service disruption. Anyone know what disrupt the train? _______ Update: Amtrak CS was very informative and told 50 freight cars piled up 28 miles east of Lordsburg NM. 421 is terminating at San Antonio. Looks like Amtrak will...
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    Some nice F7's

    Took on the weekend
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    California Zepher along the river

    California Zepher along the river 4/15/2021
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    Amtrak iOS app not showing my trips and coupon

    Amtrak app is not showing any of my trip that I booked as well as coupons associated with my guest rewards membership. They can only be seen from desktop website. Trips usually shows up on the home page when app launched. Anyone experience the same on the app? I want to make sure it's not...
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    #30 is 30 mins late arriving D.C

    Just a fun experience on #30 which is 30 min late today arriving D.C. and engineer/conductor was bitching on CSX multiple times and made sure everyone remembers that the delay was due to CSX crew 216-70 being late to show up at their work... That announcement made my day
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    Awesome Japanese overnight train

    Watch this awesome Japan overnight train It was pushed to my watchlist and, It’s such a joy to even just watch it on YouTube, over and over. Love how the interior was decorated, feels like a 4 star hotel on the rail. I think it would be a success if it runs between major metropolitan area on...
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    Chances that private US freigtliners get back to people hauling business?

    Just curious given the rise of intercity travel demand in US, what are chances that traditional private Freightliner like UP, BNSF look into contemporary intercity passenger rail and get back to people hauling business? I'm sure virgin America is currently establishing a very positive example...