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    Amtrak BidUp (Bidding for Upgrades - Business Class, First Class, and Sleepers)

    Just read this on the Amtrak Media site. I have experienced e-standby upgrade offers via email from hotels where they offer a fixed, often discounted price for additional services (i.e. early/late check-out) or upgraded rooms on a stand-by basis (i.e. if available at check-in). If it is...
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    Impact on Amtrak of the Metrolink Oxnard Derailment

    Train 102 heading Southbound derailed at a grade crossing around 5:45am at 5th Avenue and Rice in Oxnard. Reports are train collided with tractor trailer (truck burst into flames after collision). Appears all 4 passenger cars derailed including 3 laying on their sides. At least 30 injuries...
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    Capitol Corridor "Cappy Hour"

    If you ride Capitol Corridor don't miss out on today's rider appreciation event - Cappy Hour! Discounteddrinks available in the cafe car from 4-6pm. Courtesy of Cappy - your friendly Capitol Corridor mascot. The image may be sideways.
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    Comet on Train 715(23)?

    Very interesting consist and crowd on train 715(23). I was waiting for a relative riding on board and she stated that the train left Bakersfield about an hour and a half late because the regular train set was in an accident the night before so sets were being moved around and the train set was...
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    11(7) Consist short sleeping car?

    I was on 11(7) in the Family Bedroom. Our car attendent said we lucked out as there was only 1. I looked at the consist and indeed there is only 1 regular sleeper plus the TransDorm. Is it normal just to have an 1130 sleeper. Both the Sleeper Car and TransDorm have SCA's so I assume the train is...
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    Capitol Corridor Crew Name Badges

    Having ridden the Capitol Corridor quite a bit commuting, I noticed that the crew members (Conductor, Asst. Conductor, and LSA) have new name tags. The name tags are the smaller size version. They contain the crew members first name, a small Amtrak logo on the upper left (looking at it) corner...
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    Bedroom Meal Question

    I never really thought about this before so I wanted to ask to see if my assumptions are reasonable. I am traveling with a party of 3 (myself plus 2) and an infant in a Bedroom for a daytime trip on the Coast Starlight. As we are traveling with the infant, someone would need to be watching him...
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    No Thruway Service To/From SF-EMY (OKJ) Aug 28th 8pm - Sep. 3 5am

    This is just a heads up to anyone who is not aware and traveling to/from SF over the Labor Day Weekend from Wednesday, August 28th through Tuesday, September 3rd There will be NO connecting Thruway Service to/from Capitol Corridor and San Joaquin trains from 8pm 8/28 through 5am Tue 9/5...
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    Service Notice - Capitol Corridor/San Joaquin/CZ July 13 & 20 Effective July 13 and 20, 2013 OnlyOn the dates shown above, a bridge replacement project between Berkeley and Richmond, California stations will be performed by Union Pacific...
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    California Car DH on the rear of 14(14)?

    Anyone know if this is a California Car on the rear of 14(14) or any details about it?
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    Nascar Express Train (Sacramento to Sonoma, CA)

    This seems interesting... Guess that spare trainset in Sacramento on the weekend will get some use after all... :)
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    AGR Redemption - 2 Adults plus Infant

    I was asked about booking a rail trip and how to do it on AGR points for two adults an an infant. I know the standard redemption rates, however is a Family Bedroom allowed to be booked on AGR points (on routes that have Superliners), and if so would it fall under the "Bedroom" catagory as...
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    New No Smoking Policy Coming to the Auto Train

    As taken from " Auto Train: No Smoking Policy Begins Aboard Auto Train Effective June 1, 2013To provide a healthier environment on the train for passengers and employees, smoking will not be permitted aboard the Auto Train effective June 1, 2013. Smoking will be prohibited in...
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    Anyone know why 704(10) and 718(10) were cancelled south of HNF?

    Heard this from a friend of mine that trains 704 and 718 were showing as cancelled south of Hanford, CA and replaced with Thruway buses (5804 and 5818) on Sunday the 10th. Does anyone know if this is correct and a potential reason for this? I'm assuming track-work as it is scheduled as cancelled...
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    Low Bucket Price Increase?

    I was just looking up my usual "commuting" between Southern California and the Bay Area and noticed the base price seems to have gone up by at least $5. I checked multiple trips on multiple dates and they all showed a new higher base price on the Coastal Bus, Coast Starlight, and San Joaquin...
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    Update: Trains 14(3), 11(2), 777, 796, and 1790 Incident

    I posted this earlier in the Coast Starlight Consist thread but just to give a final update: Train 14(3) departed LAUS (LAX) just over 3 hours late due to what Amtrak called a "minor derailment" as the train was pulling into the station area. The train did not have passengers on board and the...
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    E-Tickets expanding to SF Bus Connections

    Capitol Corridor announced the addition this morning: All connections will be available via E-Tickets instead of paper tickets to the bus connections from EMY-San Francisco Stops...
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    Capitol Corridor Draft Business Plan FY 2013-15

    The CCJPA has just released its Draft Business Plan for FY 2013-15. The Plan is open to public comments at this time. Even if you don't ride the Capitol Corridor it may be an interesting read as it shows how the CCJPA has really...
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    Does anyone know the status of the Caltrans Comet IB cars?

    Subject line says it all... I know they mentioned two prototypes estimated to be completed in late December 2012/early January 2013. Does anyone know the status of the 14 Comet IB cars set to be sent over to Amtrak California for San Joaquin service as well as the retrofitted Horizon Dinette's...
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    No PPC on 11(28)

    PPC attendant keeps on coming on the PA announcing no wi-fi as there isn't a real PPC on the train today. I guess people are upset though it is with noting the wi-fi itself is a bit spotty as the route goes through areas without cellular! To them I say just enjoy the train ride! PPC has been...