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    Coast Starlight Roomettes: 9/10 vs. 13/14 (& Parlour Car Q)

    Hello, We are looking forward to our first sleeper car experience (since I was a kid) on the Coast Starlight a week from Sunday, Portland to Emeryville. Currently we have two roomettes booked out of Portland (one for me, one for my two teenage daughters), in rooms 13/14 in car 31. So if I'm...
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    Coast Starlight w Teens: Bedroom/Roomettes?

    Thank you everyone, I've rebooked us into roomettes, #13 and #14 downstairs across from each other (forgot to ask whether people prefer up or down, but I figured there was less traffic downstairs, easier access to baggage, vestibule and shower/toilets, and we can spend daytime upstairs). I...
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    Coast Starlight w Teens: Bedroom/Roomettes?

    Hello, I'm delighted to find this forum. I grew up taking the California Zephyr every summer from Oakland, CA to Burlington, IA to see my grandparents. And now I have children, two girls in their teens, who actually want to take the train! I need your advice about sleeping accommodations on...