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    Eliminating open-plan seating and having all cars be compartments

    With Covid, I don’t want to be in a train car with air circulating among dozens of people. And I never liked the handful of cell phone loudmouths on any train. For these reasons, why not eliminate open-plan seating and make all coaches into cars with compartments? European railroads have...
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    Have you been recognized by Amtrak staff due to frequent travel?

    Today on the Acela Express, the very nice on-board employee came up to me when I boarded and said, “Going to ___ again, and would you like ___ to drink, served ____?” I was really impressed because I had taken only two very short trips recently, and I didn’t think that I was memorable. Have...
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    Meals served on all long-distance trains on the Northeast Corridor?

    I'm taking the Cardinal on an upcoming trip, just on a short stretch on the Northeast Corridor (NY-Philadelphia-DC). I'm in a sleeping car. The Amtrak website says that breakfast is served, but: 1. If you're taking a southbound/westbound long-distance train only on the Northeast Corridor...
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    Errors trying to use discount coupons online

    Does anyone else have this issue? I've tried to use some Amtrak discount coupons when I book a trip both at and on the Amtrak app. The coupons are for 50% and 10% off. The coupons have lengthy codes--a string of letters and numbers. However, there's nowhere to type in the code...