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    Viewliner II on Silver Service?

    Hello, I am booked on the Silver Star and Silver Meteor in mid September. On the Star I am in Car 9110, Bedroom B. On the Meteor I am in Car 9811, Bedroom B. What do you think my chances are for receiving a VLII instead of a VLI? Thanks.
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    Amfleet Coach Seats

    Is it my imagination? Or are the coach seats in Amfleet coach really uncomfortable? Trying to get some sleep on overnight routes is nearly impossible! No matter which way you try to adjust yourself, these seats really hurt your posterior! Has anyone else experienced this? I'd like to read your...
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    Capitol Limited & Lake Shore Limited Delays Summer/Fall 2014

    The 8/23/14 CL was over 4 hrs late arriving into TOL. Any idea what happened?