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    Surfliner service disruption. Why?

    Amtrak's site doesn't say.
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    Which way is best way to have business class

    To Chicago or From
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    Booked Coach ticket on Wolverine... Should I bid for upgrade?

    Wou ld be nice to travel business class.
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    Metra wastes money

    Running empty trains this late at night with the comute traffic not eevn rebounded.
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    Western US Auto Train idea

    Seattle to Phoenix or Tuscon.
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    Amtrak tracker having issues again

    Its saying Stale.
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    Track work bwtween Albion and Jackson MI soon?

    I saw new RR ties along the railway between the two cities.
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    Heat and cold speed restrictions

    Is there any type of track maintenance that can be done to make steel rails less susceptible to extreme heat and cold?
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    Chicago UNion Station renovations

    What stage are they at and what's left? I was there and everything looked complete except one escalator being repaired and some ceiling tiles missing. Oh and track 26-28 was closed and had white sand bags by the tracks.
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    Are Amtrak maintenance shops open 24/7?

    Or are they day only like regular auto repair.
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    Why does Amtrak ask for your destination before sending you to a car?

    They did this to me yesterday leaving Chicago.
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    The new Chargers get a zero from me.

    Today's trip it sucked.
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    Any gift shops in Chicago Union Station

    If so what do they have?
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    Slow speeds/delays in the west?

    The Chief and Sunst Limited.
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    How far can Amtrak locomotives go on a full tank?

    1 loco, and same question with 2.
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    Where do you put promo code in when booking ticket?

    It never asks me to.
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    Train speeds around San Diego

    What would be the best way to increase train speed on Miramar Hill between La Jolla and Mission Bay? Trains have to slow to 20-30 mph there.