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    One of my daughters just said (she will not be taking Amtrak for a long time)

    "I doubt any of us will be taking Amtrak for a long time." The us referred to her two sisters and mom, and she clarified it did not include me. Her sister is sitting at Washington Union Station with a unusable engine waiting for a new engine without power which means no air conditioning and...
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    Upcoming Carolinian -Greensboro to Richmond

    I had a Amtrak Credit Card coupon to use or lose so the wife and I are taking the Carolinian from Greensboro to Richmond. I posted about my wife and daughter having some incidents on the Carolinian a few weeks ago on two different trips. So my question-Shall we place odds on the chances...
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    The National onboard magazine

    Is the National magazine done? I know it stopped for Covid but I can't find any info on it being brought back. Their Twitter feed seems to have last posted in May 2020. I read where American Airlines was dropping their in-flight magazine and others have already done so. Given the speed of a...
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    Posters and Signage around a station

    My home station, Greensboro, NC is owned by the city. I think Southern sold the building to the city in 1979. NS/NCRR owns the track and platform. So I was there yesterday and there is not a lot of signage in the station but there are a few posters about locations around the station and...
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    79-Carolinian 13 June 2021

    I talked my wife into taking the train from CNY to BNC instead of having me drive back to Raleigh over the weekend. We were moving a daughter into a new place in a new city. I drove the truck back and my wife took the train the next day so she could help our daughter set up her new pace. It...
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    First trip since Covid Chaos

    Just a short jump from RGH to GRO on the Carolinian. I have a ton of points but decided to pay on the Amtrak credit card to get even more points for a longer trip in the future. I booked business class which was a bit more of a premium than I expected but the total cost is not so much that I...
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    Train Host/Station Host

    North Carolina has a nice Train Host/Station Host program. I think a city in California has a program for their station. I can't remember which program has been around the longest though I did read about it a few months ago. Does anyone else have a program where volunteers ride a train and/or...
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    Typing This while riding Piedmont #78 heading north.

    Nice smooth ride. Wife and I arrived at the train station with about 2 min to spare. Our car is quite full, not 100% but 90%. I just wanted to say I am enjoying the ride. That is all.
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    Greensboro, NC

    The Amtrak station itself is staffed 24/7 and has a waiting room and checked baggage. A small convenience store is open during most of the day time hours. There is an ATM located in the station and vending machines as well. A food truck is often operating at the complex nearer the city transit...