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    Another thought for Intercity HSR

    Could Texas be a good candidate for some Intercity HSR between Dallas <--> Houston and/or Dallas/Houston <--> Austin <--> San Antonio? Perhaps even Dallas <--> El Paso? I could see such service being rather useful to tourists that want to go between these cities. But, of course, tourism...
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    Pismo Beach from the CS?

    Just curious, for those who have traveled northbound on the CS, are you able to view Pismo Beach as you do the other beaches before it on the coast, before it turns inward toward San Luis Obispo? Where does the route diverge away from the coastal beaches, going more inland? Thanks!
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    Which Direction? (traveling on western trains)

    OK, if you're planning a rail trip, and you have a choice (which you would), which direction of travel on the following trains would you believe offers you a better "scenery" experience, given such factors as : 1) the direction of travel that offers the better "visual vantage" point; 2) which...
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    Food "deliveries..." Worth the risk?

    In respect to the disappearance of good food options on board Amtrak LD trains, I wonder if it might be worth the risk of a pax. attempting to place a "delivery" order with an eatery near the station being approached, to be delivered to that station just in time to receive, pay for and accept...
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    Pepsi Can?

    Having watched some YouTube videos of Amtrak Yard operations, I have heard some of the P32-8WH locomotives referred to as "Pepsi Cans." ??? See this YouTube Video....
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    Predicting a "consist..."

    Hello all! It's been a very long time since my last post and a lot has happened in my life in between time. AlanB, if you're still around, send me a PM. We'll talk. I wish we could have that drink we discussed back then, but you'd have to come a bit further than NJ (or me to NYC) to have it...
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    EB Split

    Do any of you EB experts there know where it splits off of the METRA (old Mikwaukee Rd Fox Lake) line after passing through Glenview, on it's way north? Does it, for example, pass through the "Northbrook" METRA station? I used to work in Northbrook for a bit. There was this lunch place called...
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    Since most of my recent travel has been AT, of course, I understand that meals are included in the ticket price. However, I also understand that for sleeper/FC pax. on Acela and LD trains, the meals are also included in the ticket price. But are they the same selections as we see in the menus...
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    Budget Axe

    Saw this AP News Article this morning. It talks about the "automatic budget cuts" that will go into effect since no deal has been reached by congress, as of yet. Obviously, defense contractors etc., will be cut, but so will a bunch of other domestic programs. How is Amtrak faring in this? Does...
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    Union Stations???

    This old picture of CUS in the "Customer Service" thread got me thinking :o :help: :) I see on the station sign, "Pennsylvania RR' "Burlington (Northern)" "Alton" and "Milwaukee Road" What I don't see, is "Union Pacific!" It made me wonder if any of the "Union Stations" in the country...
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    Service Distruption due to Weather on NEC

    Just got an NEC Tweet - Service NYP -- BOS disrupted due to weather-related problems. Repairs Underway...
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    Quiet Please!!!

    Was watching TV this morning, and saw a report on the "National Radio Quiet Zone," an area within both "Virginias" where no radio, WI-fi or other transmission activity is permitted by the FCC, so as not to interfere with the radio observatory station in Green Bank, WV. That means no cell...
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    So, How do we pay for it?

    I've been a member of AU for almost two months, but a train enthusiast for most of my life. As a boy, I always enjoyed playing with my dad's 1950's era Lionel train set which I now own (BTW, GG-1, the engine in that set is a working original 1950's Lionel GG-1 with pans, albeit it is 3rd rail...
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    Escaping "Mother Nature"

    The thread on EB issues got me thinking... There is no escaping "Mother Nature" when it comes to finding a permanent place to settle down and live in the USA. If it's not Hurricanes in the South, it's Nor'Easters and snow in the Northeast and upper Mid-west. It's "Tornado Alley" in the...
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    Must be missing something???

    I was just on looking at fares on the NEC (NYP<-->PHL). I picked a train offering the lowest coach fare ($36.00) on a Sat. for my particular travel date. The train offering indicated "Business class seat - add $25.00." I clicked that, and then added the train to my cart. To my...
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    Freight Train Derailment

    See of the burning freight cars. Evacuations in/near the town are in progress. I hope no one was hurt... and I trust this is not affecting any passenger service...
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    Viewliner vs. Superliner

    Having thought a bit about my "dream routes" (in re: the on going thread), I was also thinking about the "current" routes I'd like to travel. Like many here, perhaps, I've always wanted to do a " 'Round the Country" circuit tour (e.g. Crescent-->SL --> CS --> EB --> LSL, or...
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    No, not the uncontrollable kids on the AT! :D In this case, the "locomotive." I'm referring, of course, to the F40, one of Amtrak's old workhorses (as well as MBTA, NJ Transit, Chicago's METRA, etc.). Originally called "screamers" due to the high pitched and constant HEP. But it seems now...
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    New to "Amtrak Unlimited" but not to Amtrak

    Hello. I just joined this forum (I'm a veteran of many others like it). But I have some experience with Amtrak, having taken several of the original routes to get to and from school (the original "Broadway" and "Lakeshore" Ltd. trains).   At present, I'm a frequent traveler aboard the "Auto...