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  1. penguinflies

    What is current Accommodation charge Acela Business to First WAS-BOS

    Traveling Acela this Saturday, wondering if anyone could chime in on best value/way to upgrade. Curious if anyone knows what is the accommodation charge Acela first WAS-BOS. Overview: Party of 2. One Passenger is select plus. Able to get club access for early boarding in WAS. We have...
  2. penguinflies

    21(31) delayed

    CUS. A winter weather report update.  Amtrak resumed long distance service. Cz eb swc all left on time.  texas eagle is the lame duck.  we've be waiting to board going on 4+ hours. Any intel is appreciated as it is radio silent  in the met lounge and the app is pushing us by 30 minute updates.
  3. penguinflies

    weather cancellations for Midwest Jan 28-31, 2019

    I got notified that there was a problem with train 301 (CHI-STL) on 30Jan and my ticket was no longer valid.  I cancelled and refunded.  I see on that the train is listed as sold out.  Poking around at other 6-7am departures, they are also showing sold out, though 1 Hiawatha is...
  4. penguinflies

    Coast Starlight in Biz Class PDX-EMY questions:

    I arrive off the EB then connect to CS to get to SFO for a flight. Has anyone done ride in this car? I'm doing this overnight next week. I ride Amfleet I Biz Class often enough and i feel comfortable doing this type of seat on an overnight. I assume business class is basically a slightly...
  5. penguinflies

    Select Plus 2017-passed 5000 TQP

    If one is select plus or select executive for 2017, and one passes 5000 TQP, qualifying one for Select for 2018. Does AGR send one a congratulations and upgrade coupons for reaching the Select tier?
  6. penguinflies

    family bedroom vs regular bedroom on CZ

    Not needed for more space, but is it worth it over being upstairs on a superliner on the CZ? Or would we be buying more space then sitting in the lounge cars the entire trip so that we get off the 'ground'. Question came up because of an Amsnag fare alert, could save about $120 even if they...
  7. penguinflies

    upgrade coupon wanted

    An odd ask, but trying to save about $50 and snag a business class seat tonight out of Chicago. If you have a 1class upgrade coupon that might expire soon, I have an opportunity to use it tonight. PM me.
  8. penguinflies

    2 killed near STL walking on tracks. #316

    How unfortunate:
  9. penguinflies

    multi-ride tickets and bc upgrades

    One-way ride fares were way to high for the summer and my schedule was a bit unpredictable, so I bought a 10-ride for the Lincoln Service. After the first ride, the ticket and tqp posted for the coach portion. I upgrade to BC each way 4x, but haven't seen the points post yet for the 4 rides I...
  10. penguinflies

    CZ heading east vs heading west.

    I have the choice of leaving out of Chicago or Richmond, CA. Any advice on which direction is preferred? This trip would be late October after Daylight savings ends.
  11. penguinflies

    Question booking fare

    Attempting to book STL-CHI 304 02May16 via web. price reports 27.00 with accommodation charge of 21.00 to BC. When one clicks to review, price changes coach to $39.00 plus 21.00 accommodation for BC. However, when one clicks through to buy coach, charges the posted...
  12. penguinflies

    Amtrak 305 29Dec

    Is there a way to find past and future routing of the train? I am trying to catch the exact same Amfleet car. So : Amtrak 305 chicago - stl turns into Amtrak 300 or 302 then turns back into 305? I lost keys, dont remember the car# but remember I was in 11A/B. Amtrak hasn't found them yet...