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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    We can debate and bash each other endlessly on here. The fact of the matter is Amtrak management sucks. Whether it’s for incompetence, nefarious motives, or just not being savvy enough to deal with the hand they've been given, they need to be replaced. The time for benefit of the doubt has long...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    As I alluded to earlier in this thread looking back I think Boardman did a lot better job then he was given credit for at the time. He knew how to play the political game and knew railroading. Plus from all accounts he was just a nice guy. I enjoyed reading the story, it might have been on here...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    I’m confused, so Boardman didn’t want to downgrade dining on any trains? It was actually a pretty shrewd move on Boardmans part. He had to placate the Mica types in Congress and show some type of initiative on cutting food costs as misguided as the notion is and was. He took the only route...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    I think Gardner and company are intentionally holding back the network trains to suppress ridership and increase loses until a time when there is another anti Amtrak administration and/or Congress. The poor numbers will foster managements goal of reducing the network at that time. Anderson’s in...
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    Overnight travel with 18-month old

    Portable inflatable booster seat (Amazon) for the diner is a must. We did 6 nights with our then 10 month old in 2018. Doing Chicago area to Los Angeles in December with her and her 2 year old sister. We got the family room this time with the two kids. You’ll be fine in the full bedroom. Bring...
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    What Does Amtrak Think of Us?

    “I think the best solutions to problems come when everyone has a seat at the table because everyone has a unique perspective.” Agreed as long as everyone’s perspective at the table is LEGAL (I do believe Anderson and Gardner have knowingly lied to Congress) and not so far right or left that it...
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    What Does Amtrak Think of Us?

    I see AU as very similar to Flyertalk or more specifically the Network threads of airlines on This example of Alaska airlines shows a lot of similarities with AU. Any good company should have someone who at least occasionally browses social media and reports back strong trends...
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    Negative long distance trip review article based lack of value and inedible food

    His fourth article about his trip published yesterday. 🤦‍♂️
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    Negative long distance trip review article based lack of value and inedible food

    So this guy just had his third article published today about the same trip. Very weird.
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    $66 billion for Amtrak
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    $66 billion for Amtrak
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    Advice on ticket refunds

    Doctors note equals full refund, no penalty. One of the few customer friendly policies Amtrak has. Whether a reservations agent would actually have you fax/email it in or bring it to the station. I can guarantee your results will vary. I’d just call and state very clearly my Dr says I can’t...
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    One huge issue, I have serious doubts that competent and well intentioned Adults are in charge of Amtrak. If this money does materialize and they blow it, it won’t bode well for Amtrak with future Congresses.
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    Short opinion piece on new equipment
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    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21)

    Im the article I posted a few replies up Amtrak admits they have stopped sales. They are “working on“ allowing customers to book trips. It’s the same theme everywhere. “We‘re working on allowing coach customers to eat in diner”, “We’re working on new bedding“, “we’re working on retrofitting...
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    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21)

    Update as of today still no bookings allowed all summer on these full service diner, sleeper equipped trains from LAX to SMF a 14 hour trip, or SEA to KFS a 12 hour trip. Not to mention you can’t book LAX to SEA with the bus bridge If you were so inclined. I don’t understand why there is no...
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    Has anyone seen the new bedding that was promised years ago and now re promised again? Again things don’t seem to be adding up on the network trains on many fronts.
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    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21) Confirmed Amtrak not selling seats on Starlight. Running full service trains that can’t be booked cost some $$$. How long is temporary? Only management knows. How is...
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    Yet Another Fare Increase

    My main concern is something more nefarious is going on. Like not allowing coach passengers in the diner, a new dining service that exceeded our expectations but may be over the top expense wise with linen and china. The Capital and Eagle so small they are turning customers away possibly not...
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    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21)

    Look at what I posted. You can’t book ANYTHING at all as of yesterday. Lax to San Jose or Sacramento or anything isn’t for sale all summer. These have nothing to do with the bus bridge. The stub trains aren’t bookable.