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    The Olympian Hiawatha, The Empire Builder, The North Coast Limited

    After viewing the You Tube views of the Olympian Hiawatha, this question has come to mind. All three of these trains were major trains to/from Chicago and Seattle. #1: Which train offered the superior scenic route? #2: Which train offered the superior on board service? #3: Which train...
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    My Auto Train #52 Report

    Arrived at Sanford shortly after Noon and met pleasant staff members who made the start of this new journey a pleasant experience. Both at the area where I left my car as well as in the Station, the staff were very pleasant and helpful. Boarding the train with the help of a staff member, my...
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    Praise for the Crew of Auto Train #52 on January 28, 2020

    Sanford to Lorton, Roomette 14, Car 5240 with SCA Holly. A welcome by her as she was standing by the sleeper's door when I boarded with directions as to which direction to turn to get to my Roomette. An initial PA welcome and introduction prior to the train's departure. After all of the...
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    First Time Auto Train Passenger: Last Minute Concerns. Additional Tips appreciated!

    Some time ago on this Forum, I was warned about a car's alarm system that could be activated during the trip because of the jostling of the car resulting in the car's battery being dead once arrival at the destination. I remain concerned about this. I have a 2020 Buick Envision that will be...
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    Auto Train #52, Car 5240

    In the consist for this train, where will my car likely be located?
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    Auto Train Early Arrival at Lorton

    What to expect as a Sleeping Car passenger? How will I know that we will be arriving early? (Sometimes the arrival seems to be an hour or more early.) How will this early arrival impact the service of the continental breakfast in the dining car? If the early arrival does impact the...
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    A Compliment for an Amtrak Agent's Service

    I made my Auto Train reservation for January this afternoon using the dedicated phone number that connects with the Auto Train Department of Amtrak. My experience with this Agent was excellent. She was knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, offered me a choice of one of two Roomettes available...
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    The Auto Train with a new car

    I have qualms about booking Auto Train with a new car during my return home from Florida this Winter. I'd appreciate learning others thoughts about my concern. Thank you.
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    How Long Should I Wait Before I Make Auto Train Reservations for Mid-Late January?

    My Winter plans are so unsettled presently. I intend to return North on the Auto Train in either mid or late January. I will want Sleeper service. I am thinking that the Snowbirds will not be Amtraking at that time. Therefore, it might be a bit easier to book a Roomette and my car closer to...
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    Auto Train departing Sanford on 5/17/19

    The Auto Train left 5 hours and 39 minutes late, arriving Lorton 6 hours and 34 minutes late. #51, as best that I can determine, has yet to leave Lorton today. I've followed the performance of #52 for awhile and this situation is most unusual. Anyone know the reason for this situation...
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    Auto Train Questions

    I expect to have more luggage than will fit in the trunk of my car. I expect to need to have one or two pieces of luggage on the floor of the back seat. I won't pack anything of great value in those bags. I assume that whatever is there will be safe. (Luggage locks will be in place on each...
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    My First Trip on the Auto Train

    I'm going to book Auto Train for a January journey from Sanford to Lorton. I'll book a sleeper and I want to reserve a lower level roomette. From what I have learned on AU, booking Auto Train by phone is a more successful and pleasant experience than doing so online. I'd very much appreciate...
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    The Boeing MAX 8 Accidents

    The more that I hear and read about these two accidents are concerning. It's concerning for me who often fly on a Boeing product. It's concerning me as a Boeing shareholder looking at my Proxy Card for the Annual Meeting and wondering if it's time to register a vote of "no confidence" in...
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    Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited Consist from Los Angeles to Chicago

    Please correct me if my thinking is wrong about the position of the train's cars that would expected to be. The Texas Eagle Sleeper and Coach would be at the end of the Sunset Limited at LAX. In order to get to the Dining Car on the Sunset Limited if I am in the Sleeper, I would walk through...
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    The Training of Amtrak's Dining Car Chefs

    #97:  The Chef in the Viewliner Diner prepared consistently very good meals.  Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch from Washington to Fort Lauderdale:  no complaints from me.  Food was properly cooked and served at the proper temperature. #98:  The Chef in this Viewliner Diner was consistent in overcooking...
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    My 12/26/18 #97 and 1/23/19 #98 Amtrak Journey

    Itinerary was Washington to Fort Lauderdale and, obviously, a return trip. Minutes before arriving at Union Station, I called the Red Cap Office and requested a Red Cap.  Within a short time after arriving at the station, a Red Cap found me with his golf cart.  This gentleman was one of the...
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    Two Questions about the Silver Meteor

    #1:  My Roomette is in the 11 car on both #97 and #98.  Is this the Sleeping Car next to the Dining Car? #2:  I am boarding #97 at Washington.  Will my SCA have already made a dinner reservation for me?
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    How to print and download a timetable for #97 and #98

    Learning that I cannot depend upon having an Amtrak route timetable supplied either at WASH or on the train, I need to download and print my own.  Tried to do this a few minutes ago.  I accessed the Amtrak site, clicked on schedules, entered the departure and arrival stations and the dates. ...
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    Breakfast and the time to Arise on #98 arriving in Washington

    Watching this train's performance over many months. the Silver Meteor's time of arrival at Washington varies considerably.  Sometimes early, sometimes close to on time, sometimes late, sometimes very late. How is a sleeping car passenger to know?  If the train seems to be running late when I...
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    #98 at Fort Lauderdale: Arrival and Departing

    I have watched the time keeping of the Northbound Silver Meteor for many months.  The train's arrival in Fort Lauderdale and then it's departure is within a very narrow time frame, usually.  To me, it seems to be a very short time to embark guests as well as luggage checked and being assigned to...