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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    125 mph is the practical limit for diesel operation, worldwide. Electrification is required to go faster.
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Also Portland-Eugene (many lengthened sidings proposed) and upgraded Capitol Corridor.
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    I suppose that the local service could use cars like NJT or Caltrain with separate sets of doors for low and high level platforms.
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    I am just starting to look at this thread in late July. Brightline has been encouraging Sunrail to operate local services to Disney which would be facilitated by the shared track/station at Meadow Woods. Apparently, they are not interested in running local service in the Orlando area but would...
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    Any gift shops in Chicago Union Station

    That shop was only staffed when it was first opened.
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    I have been monitoring this thread for a while. There are a few routes that are long enough to support overnight service also serve an almost continuous string of cities and thus have the potential to provide daytime corridor service, connecting multiple city pairs, as well...
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    Any gift shops in Chicago Union Station

    The Hudson Newstand on the mezzanine/food court level is like a small Hudson News airport shop. The CVS at Canal/Adams is even closer than Walgreens.
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    Thruway bus and train question

    In mid-2020 California regulations were changed so that tickets can now be purchased on many/most Thruway bus routes even if there no rail segment, particularly where there is no other bus service. Apparently, routes are being evaluated and opened up one-by-one. I have not found a comprehensive...
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    Changes to Amtrak Midwest and additional Wolverine RT

    Absolutely. Under the "State-supported services" construct the the state DOTs are the customers. They call the shots regarding what service is operated and what fares are charged.
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    Lincoln service speed limit increased

    Brightline needs to get I-ETMS certified for 125 mph next year to be able to use their new 35 mile long railroad from Cocoa to Orlando as intended. This will establish a template for how to get FRA approval for higher speed.
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    High level platforms (generally at 48 inches above top of rail) have been spreading around the country in the years since U.S. DOT's publication of level boarding requirements and inclusion in many Federally-funded projects. These now include stations at most Upstate NY cities, Springfield, and...
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Another interesting tidbit that appeared in today's Railway Gazette International feed is the order "includes 50 electro-diesel sets and 15 diesel-battery sets, with the rest [8] being EPA Tier 4 compliant diesels capable of using biodiesel fuel. The batteries can be charged from regenerated...
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    RPA: Developing New Amtrak Corridors Presentation

    If you are spending the money to build a railroad it doesn't cost much more to build true HSR. It makes particularly good sense in this case since there has never been a direct railroad between Macon and Jacksonville.
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    RPA: Developing New Amtrak Corridors Presentation

    The FRA SE Regional Rail Study found that Atlanta - Macon - Jacksonville - Orlando would justify hourly high-speed rail service, making construction of a new passenger-only alignment, like Houston-Dallas, feasible. Similarly, there would be no major obstacles to construction (like a mountain...
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    Note that none of the proposed routes are more than about 500 miles to ensure that they will be "state supported" services and, thus have to be paid for by the states (after the "introductory offer" expires). This ignores the fact that some long distance services are, in reality, 2 corridors in...
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    First NEC Sleeper Journey - A Huge Letdown

    I imagine that the reason the sleepers are closed off south of WAS is that segment of the route is treated as a "state-supported service". None of these have sleepers. Certainly Virginia is not going to pay for this; Amtrak probably wouldn't even ask. Amtrak is required to operate the Corridor...
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    It's clear that what the new Amtrak represents only shows expansion of "state supported services" (as established in PRIIA 2008 sec 209). Thus they must be under 750 miles and states must pay vast majority of their cost. Nothing is shown that will increase the Amtrak operating deficit in the...
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    My reading of the map is that the only added service is in in the state-supported service category (i.e. the routes of <750 miles, where the states pay virtually all of the cost). The light blue lines are on routes where such service does not exist today and the yellow is where such service...
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    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    I will remind people of the case in the late 1980s where Amtrak took ownership of the Connecticut River line from the Boston & Maine RR by eminent domain when it refused to maintain it to safe passenger train standards. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the action. After the line was upgraded Amtrak...
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    Flynn on Amtrak

    People interested in alternatives that could be considered for the Lake Shore corridor should look at the Lakeshore page at