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    Part of 21 and 22 cancelled due to track work.

    On Trainorders, they are stating the the Texas Eagle will stop at FTW and bus to SAT. UP track work somewhere. Effective Sept 14. Do not know how long it will last.
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    Texas Eagle with two units

    Why is Amtrak running 4 car trains with two Genesis locomotives? Its been a common occurrence the last couple of days and the units are running all the way to San Antonio.
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    UP Derailment on Sunset Ltd. Route.

    Sunset will be in Tucson for a while. UP derailment near Lordsburg. Buses will be coming.
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    Amtrak five year plan

    Amtrak lays out what it wants to do in the next five years, no need to guess.
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    Private cars back on Amtrak?

    Sunset Ltd into Tucson this morning had a green private car on the back, had a couple of old guys come out of for the long station stop. What car or group was it?
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    When Texas Eagle leaves before Sunset arrives

    Bravo to Amtrak for not holding 22 this morning out of San Antonio. The TE probably picked up the two Superliners there as protect units and left on time for Chicago. The Sunset was stuck at Tucson for three hours because of an engine issue (the Tucson rail cam picked up the sad situation), and...
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    California High Speed Rail is in trouble..........I know, shocking

    To beat this dead horse, apparently the California politicians want to take the CHSR money and use it on commuter projects, or just not spend the money on a vanity project when the budget is suspected to have a $50 Billion shortfall...
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    FRA announces more than $300 million grants$300-million-in-state-of-good-repair-grants North Carolina finally gets new equipment. North Carolina — Piedmont Intercity Fleet & Infrastructure Investments Project Phase II Up to $80,000,000 North Carolina Department of...
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    Amtrak restores staffing positions at Marshall station The Marshall Depot board was pleased to learn, on Monday, Amtrak’s plans to restore the service. “On May 19, we received a phone call from Amtrak...
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    Amtrak chase videos.............

    In this day and age when some people have been home for months, here are some Amtrak chase videos that will bring a smile to your face. Put on your favorite background music and enjoy. And who is big Mo?
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    Overpowered short consists

    With many of the LD getting shortened consists, many are still using two units on five and six car trains. Why? The SWC can't make 90 with one unit and five cars?
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    21 is 7.5 hours late

    According to TrainOrders, had a problem in STL , left 5 hours late, and lost another 2.5 into Texas. Hopefully they annull the train in FTW and bus pax to meet #1 instead of holding it in SAT.
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    Manager of Valley's San Joaquin trains may ditch Amtrak as operator

    A former Amtrak CEO stated Amtrak needed to get its costs down or this may start happening. "FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Amtrak has provided rail service in the San Joaquin Valley since 1974. However, Amtrak's...
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    New refurbished Horizon and Amfleet II cars " If you haven’t traveled by train in a while, Amtrak is summoning you to a new level of comfort on the rails. For coach trips on Midwestern routes, Amtrak is introducing refurbished Horizon cars...
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    LA Union to be a thruway station Would be nice to see the schematics of how this will work.
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    Empire Service to get new equipment Last couple of paragraphs, looks like NYDOT wants to own its RR equipment too. Not a betting person but the odds look good for Siemens.
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    What it's like to work for Amtrak

    Do not know if this has been posted but it makes you appreciate the on board crew more. We know why the Engineer needs to know the signals, but when does the Conductor knowing them come into play.
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    Texas Eagle having engine problems

    Today's 21 into Texas was 7 hours late into FTW, it will probably be annulled there and pax put on buses. The train had a UP unit on the front of it as it passed the Texarkanna rail cam. 21 had the unit 156 with the rudolf rednose livery. Its been on the TE a couple of trips recently. Hopefully...
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    Amtrak launching nonstop NYC-DC Acela (suspended 3/10-5/26)

    Time warp, Amtrak tried this before with the Metroliners. Will see how successful this will be.
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    Group wants Dallas to Atlanta train. Over on Trainorders there is a post apparently Amtrak looked at moving the Sunset onto this route. Would bring more pax.