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    Electrical supply in Southwest Chief Bedroom?

    Well, your toys don't compare to the mini-portable combo propane, pellet, charcoal grill which we carry onboard to make steaks from our mini-fridge and slow cook the ribs (only on longer trips). Along with that, we bring our window A/C and, after temporarily removing the room window which we...
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    Baggage Racks

    Checking requires that both locations handle checked bags and Amtrak in recent years has seen to decide that they don't want to deal with them by removing local agents and not coming up with an alternate solution. In their favor, however, they have made sure that at times the car attendants...
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    What free amenities are given or are available for sleeper passengers?

    I will mention, to the chagrin of others, that those amenities are subject to the ability of Amtrak to actually put them on board or put them on board in sufficient quantity that they don't run out, as well as the willingness of the staff to actually provide them, to let you know they are...
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    NE Regional - Roanoke question

    I have one more to add: It could be that because so few people are in the 1/2 car with the cafe that the conductors sitting around taking up cafe seats will go the other way to check tickets in coach then come back and sit down again, ignoring the fact that there are two new people in B.C. Not a...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Reminds me of a comparison between a clock that is broken and one that is off by a minute a day. which is better? The broken clock is right twice a day. The one that is off a minute a day is only right once every 180 days. Amtrak has the clock that is broken (i.e. no timetables). RPA has the...
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    Foldable electric scooter carry-on (Viewliner roomette)

    Put it in a plastic bag and shove it in a suitcase with your clothes.
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    30 (17-18) is really late

    This is one case where I don't blame management because Amtrak has never received sufficient money to operate and purchase new equipment or do real maintenance when needed. Until the new Charger locos take over, the tired engines will have to survive.
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    Baggage Racks

    I also agree that locking one's bags to the rack or to each other is not a good idea. I used to do it. I used a pistol lock.Then I realized what a problem it would cause. If I went down to the baggage area and unlocked them ahead of time, I might find my bags were at the bottom of the pile...
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    Booking on line problem?

    You mean to the ultimate source of the "Center of excellence"? Or is it that Amtrak IT and the executives have shown that " this is something else "That will transform rail travel in North America"?
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    Heartland Flyer Versus Car Carrier

    That was the first thing I noticed - the size of the rise in the road as it reached the tracks. One would think the road would be better graded; the driver would see he had a problem; and/or there would be a prominent sign to drivers about low undercarriage clearance. Then I remember all those...
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    PDF schedules?

    Anderson and Flynn used them for toilet paper. One of Amtrak's moves that is going to, according to Amtrak "transform rail travel in North America". Amtrak is calling it e-paper. Wait until Adobe finds out what has been done to their PDF design!
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    Heartland Flyer Versus Car Carrier

    Except, I'll bet,90% of people stuck on a crossing either do not know that those numbers are there or totally forget them in their urgency. At least calling 911 gets something started and, hopefully, the dispatcher tells them to get the crossing location number so the dispatcher can call it in...
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    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    Unfortunately, as news reports and arrests have demonstrated, many anti-vaxxers would steal or cheat to make it look like they have been vaccinated or just claim they have been if asked. Apparently, those micro-chips they claim are in the vaccine were actually put in the ballots they filled out...
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    Tight Hallways Between Roomettes?

    You don't have to go completely into the room to let someone by unless you are really huge. As fat as I am, a small step back that justs bends the curtain in a bit and the other person angling as they go by has always worked.
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    Short staffing leading to cuts? (RPA Article)

    Funny, the opposite also had unintended consequences and some quite severe. A lot of people are suffering and many are not suffering any more but their families are.
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    Praise report form not working?

    Amtrak IT is angry that they are getting so many criticisms on this site and too many of the onboard crew are getting praises on the Amtrak site so they decided to fix that problem. The executives felt the same way so supported their decision. However, they did promise to fix it "in September"...
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    Heartland Flyer Versus Car Carrier

    I wonder if the driver called 911. That should have been the first thing after getting clear of his vehicle. If he was trying to get the vehicle off the track without calling the police before the bell started, he is negligent. Some drivers may sit on the track for minutes trying to get their...
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    Tight Hallways Between Roomettes?

    I agree with Aisle etiquette list and would add one more: When having to go partially in a room with an open door but closed curtain, try to back in (slowly) to avoid seeing something you shouldn't and be sure to apologize to anyone who might be in the room.