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    Ray Suarez Tweets About NEC

    As long as we have had passenger trains some have been late. As long as we have had planes some have been late. As long as we have had automobiles some have been late. I could, if I choose, tell stories of overnight delays on planes and in my car but many have had similar experiences. And I...
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    Metro North Hudson Line

    On week days be sure to get a Metro North train that leaves Grand Central Terminal after 9:00 am to get an off peak fare. Those trains are not crowded; it is easy to get a seat and to change your seat if you want to for a better view. All fare are off peak on week ends and holidays.
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    So how does that 11 hr 58 minute layover in NOLA work?

    I just checked NORTA. Street cars leave Union Station every 12 minutes. Our Streetcars (
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    Ferries, Ferries, and still more Ferries

    I have good memories of the Algiers Ferry at the foot of Canal Street in New Orleans. Just take any Canal Street Car to reach it. Or from the center of the city you can walk. Also just sitting on the Moonwalk on the Levee and watching the river go by is a way to connect. Then you can stop by...
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    UP seeks to sell Chicago-area commuter stations

    I can well understand why any freight railroad would want to sell off commuter stations. The property has no use or value to them yet they must pay property taxes. Where I live, in New Jersey, not even New Jersey Transit is willing to own and maintain commuter stations. At best they do it...
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    So how does that 11 hr 58 minute layover in NOLA work?

    New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal is at 1001 Loyola Avenue which is a continuation of Rampart Street and is served by the Rampart Street Car. Canal Street is to your left as you leave the station. Canal Street and Loyola Avenue are in the center of New Orleans and Canal and Rampart are...
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    positive comments about Amtrak?

    One thing I like about Amtrak and I like a lot: I always get a seat. Back in the days of the New Haven and the Penn Central that was not true. I well remember standing from Providence to New Haven. But with Amtrak that is now in the distant past.
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    2021 Infrastructure Bill

    If we want to talk about pork we need to consider the Interstate Highway System where it runs through cities. Providence, where spent a lot of -95 time when I was young, is an example. I-95 runs though Providence where successful urban neighborhoods such as Cathedral Square were ripped out to...
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    Most Interesting Encounter (s) on a Train

    I was a young man traveling home to Providence after spending several weeks in Seattle. I had a few bucks in my pocket from a good short term job as well as decent clothes. The Salvation Army Store also had a loose leaf Bible for a few bucks; it seemed a good idea. It was; in a dumpster at...
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    Timetables returning in September?

    Thanks to those who are working on getting Amtrak to re-issue time tables. Even in the worst days of the New Haven Railroad there was always a printed timetable at the station. Always. That worked best for me. That they don't even have a timetable on their website is incredible. However...
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    Big Rail Investments at New York Airports Fall Short on Promises of Connectivity

    I've just reviewed the comments about the connection between Newark Liberty Airport and New York Penn Station as well as Newark Penn Station. There was only one mention of PATH trains and that was to say there were problems with corruption. If corruption were used to oppose American railroads...
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    Best North Eastern Routes

    I went to school in Providence and regularly visit my brothers there. It you want to see New England you may be interested in what it offers. Providence itself it a very walkable city from College Hill to Federal Hill. Amtrak Station is on Gaspee Street across from the State House...
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    What Does Your Forum User Name Mean?

    I just joined Amtrak Unlimited. My name, John from RI, is because I grew up in Rhode Island 2 blocks west of Greenwood Bridge if you know where that is. It was so close to the tracks that when I was in bed at night I could feel the trains as they passed. And back in the late 50's I began to...