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  1. andersone

    What's up with 6 (7) today ?

    showing 6:46 late @ McCook charming daughter is taking her first train ride since a teen, getting on at Osceola ,,,,,,
  2. andersone

    Should I embark from Richmond, Petersburg or Columbia

    Thinking of taking one of the Silvers south to Miami to catch a boat to see some friends in Freeport. The Cardinal from South Shore and then bus to Richmond is all the rail route. (sort of) Leaving South Shore @ 5:45 am and Arriving Charlottesvile @ 3:20 pm then the bus to Richmond for a 5:00...
  3. andersone

    A very interesting blog about Conductor training

    in my usual helter skelter whats on the web today i ran into this blog a rather reflection of what it take to become a Conductor
  4. andersone

    More on the decline of Frieght Rail

    Found this very interesting,,, the current decline of freight rail,,,,,, I didn't think coal was as bad as this,,, I can see why CSX wants to disappear from the region,,m
  5. andersone

    We will see how this goes,,, paper ticket refund

    Haven't been around much as I spent last week in the hospital with pneumonia, blood clots and heart issues. Short of it I have to cancel my trip ticked for the end of this month GBB to Flagstaff, Flagstaff to LA, LA to Sacramento, Sacramento back to GBB. My travel agent contacted Amtrak and if...
  6. andersone

    Is Phillipe's still the go to place for a layover in LA?

    Reading some of the past forum posts, Phillipes seems to be the resounding choice We will be coming in on the Chief eta 8:15 and departing on the Starlight etd 10:10 Do we have enough time to go there for breakfast? Google shows this as a six minute walk,,, so do we have enough time to go and...
  7. andersone

    Flagstaff Logistics

    In the grand circle tour in May the arrival at FLA is a no brainer as we are getting a room and leaving for the Canyon in the morning,,,, Departure is another challenge, The AMWEB site says the station is open from 3:15 AM until 10:45 pm,,,, the EB Chief is set to depart at 8:57 PM,,,, We will...
  8. andersone

    SWC, CS , CZCurrent Consist?

    Getting ready for the great circle run from GBB to LA to Sac and back to GBB in May. Tried to search the threads for the current consists of the SWC - CS - CZ and only found some stuff from 2015. I am hoping the Parlor Car will be back from it's winter hiatus by then,, but can you all give me...
  9. andersone

    How about a rolling stock reference tool?

    As a former librarian I have lived my life with the advice of my 8th grade science teacher Mr. Corwin who taught "It's not what you remember but where you remember to find it." I am at a lost to tell the difference between an "Amfleet 1" and an "Amfleet 2" and all the variances in between the...
  10. andersone

    C Z 5 (28) I will try to go live

    Left GBB two minutes late by my watch. The fates were not with us room ente on south side of train. Made the Cameron crossing no one zipping west along old 34 .
  11. andersone

    Options Going from the Cardinal to Adirondack

    Planning a trip for 2016 .... Want to take the Cardinal to catch the Adirondack (end eventually Halifax via VIA) and it looks like it will require an overnight in NYC I hate NYC I noticed that the Adirondack connects to 150/10 with mutual Cardinal stops like Wilmington, Trenton and Newark...
  12. andersone

    So what is the real scoop about waiting in SLC?

    I have done a lot of juggling with the car rental folks and they agreed to let me drop of the renter at the airport.(their downtown office closes at 8, Amtrak doesn't open the station until 10) I had planned on showing up about midnight for the 3 AM Eastbound Zephyr and waiting on the station...
  13. andersone

    Red Cap. SLC?

    Thanks to the great folks at Budget I have the logistics worked out - dropping the rental at the airport - but when the Amtrak site says"baggage assistance" does that mean Red Cap? More directly are there RC's at SLC?
  14. andersone

    First time user E ticket Quick Trak (Dumb Question?)

    In more than fifty years of riding the rails this is the first time I have not been issued a paper ticker. I booked GBB-OSC at turkey time through my travel agent and she forwarded an E Ticket. Do I just save the email or the pdf that came with it on my phone and show it to the conductor? I...
  15. andersone

    Amtrak to Des Moines

    I was starting to plan a trip to see the Charming Daughter at Turkey time, thinking I would drive to Galesburg, burn some AGR points to Osceola then Thruway to Des Moines. In the old days there used to be a Thruway bus,, but when I look at the mother page it is no longer listed. Using the...
  16. andersone

    Can I do this? Windsor /Banff / Lake Louse / Vancouver

    How can I make this happen? From all I can tell this is a mix between Via and the Rocky Mountaineer,,,,,, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do this,,,, your help is appreciated I want to go from Windsor to Banff, stay a day, go to Lake Louse for several days then on to...
  17. andersone

    Can I check baggage on the Iowa Pacific leg?

    I am planning my fall 2016 expedition which starts in Huntington on the Cardinal, to Chi to catch the CONO to NOLA then back up on the Crescent and home on the Cardinal. I have always wanted to try the Iowa Pacific flavor of the CONO. What I really want to do is check some bags in Huntington...
  18. andersone

    Coast Starlight or San Joaquin?

    I am planning a May 2016 jaunt from GBB to Grand Canyon then on to LAX .. that leg is a no brainer The next way point is Yosemite and I see two options one is to bus from LAX to the San Joaquin , putting me in Merced closest to Yosemite the other is to LAX up to where on the CS ? I plan on...
  19. andersone

    Blowing Smoke Up My Skirt? Changing Reservations ...

    I finally got the tickets for the long awaited trip to Glacier. On the way out, I am in 730,,, coming back however they put me in 2830, which correct me if I am wrong, is the Portland sleeper,,,,, She Who Must Be Obeyed called yesterday to try and get them to move us to 830 to be closer to the...
  20. andersone

    EB Mess - 2

    for some reason the old EB Mess thread was locked. With a trip to GPK in August,,, I still like to know if the old schedule or the new schedule of the old new schedule is in place.. or what is the scuttlebutt,,,,, or if I were going to gamble larges sums of cash which schedule should I bet on,,,,?