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  1. TrackWalker

    Travels with Trackwalker- Empire Builder 4/26/2021

    Empire Builder #7 CHI-SEA 4/26/2021 2:14:45 CDT- Left Chicago 15 seconds early today. Off to a great start! Prior owner of my roomette even left a printed Empire Builder timetable for me. Great idea! Straight run to Milwaukee pretty much 79 mph the whole way. 4:15 Come to a stop just west of...
  2. TrackWalker

    On the ground; Eastbound Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited last car derailed 4/21

    Eastbound TexasEagle/Sunset Limited while departing Palm Springs station derailed the last car (sleeper/mine) of the train due to blowing sand over the rails. This was on the siding/station track and not on the main line. The car is upright and passengers are still asleep. We still have power...
  3. TrackWalker

    Amtrak Post Stimulus Reservations

    Anyone aware if there has been any surge of new Amtrak bookings since report of return to full service?
  4. TrackWalker

    Marketing/Promoting Amtrak

    1) What should Amtrak do to help market/promote Amtrak to the general public starting today in preparation for return of service? 2) What can we do to help promote Amtrak to the general public starting today in preparation for return of service (and beyond)? To start with I would suggest...
  5. TrackWalker

    WA State Ultra High Speed Transportation Study
  6. TrackWalker

    LSL Consist Order

    I will be on the LSL 449 out of Boston (BOS-PDX) in two weeks and was wondering what is the consist order. I've found a thread for the EB consist but not the LSL. Thanks. TW ####
  7. TrackWalker

    BMWE Letter to Joe Boardman - Amtrak Safety

    Letter from the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees to Boardman concerning Amtrak safety.
  8. TrackWalker


    In about 4 hours I will be flying from the Pacific NW to NYC to join a bunch of crazy people. I am part of another group of people with a (shall we say) eccentric hobby. :rolleyes: We are having a "Where's George?" Coast to Coast Gathering on Amtrak by way of the LSL &...
  9. TrackWalker

    CNN wants you!

    CNN trip report requests