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  1. SarahZ

    Southwest Chief: Chicago to Los Angeles - October 2017

    I thought I posted this trip report two years ago. Better late than never, I suppose, and I doubt much has changed. I had some points to use and hadn't been on the SWC in three years. Those who've known me a long time know that I traveled to ABQ with my ex-boyfriend every year to visit his...
  2. SarahZ

    Amtrak Employees & Government Shutdown

    Forgive me if this has been discussed already. A good friend traveled on a long-distance train for the holidays. He's on his way home now and told me he tipped his car attendants $100 (one in each direction), as he feels bad they're working without pay during the government shutdown. He also...
  3. SarahZ

    TE/SL: Which Direction?

    A group I’m part of is planning a TE/SL trip sometime next year. Given the schedule, which direction is more scenic? Also, is summer super crowded? It offers the most daylight, but if autumn is cheaper and less crowded, that may be the better option.
  4. SarahZ

    Unreserved Trains - Seat Check

    When traveling on an unreserved train, how do they keep track of standing passengers? Do they simply give you a seat check to hold onto since you aren't actually in a seat?
  5. SarahZ

    Ford's Plans for Michigan Central Station

    Now that we are certain Ford has purchased the historic building in Corktown, I thought it would be best to have a new thread rather than continue the once-speculative thread. Here are Ford's plans, from a recent article in "The Detroit News"...
  6. SarahZ

    Michigan Central Station to Host Event

    This is exciting! I've been monitoring the clean-up and window installation but never thought it would be this far along already. Fair use quote:
  7. SarahZ

    Open Sleeper w/ Points

    I have a sleeper booked through AGR, traveling from A to B. I have a friend who lives several stops from B and might join me for a couple of days in B. Since the sleeper is booked with points, can I add him to an open sleeper ticket using points, or will he have to pay cash? If he does pay...
  8. SarahZ

    Battle Creek: Long-Term Parking

    The Battle Creek station has a gated long-term parking lot with approximately 25 spaces. I hear it fills up quickly, particularly on weekends. As I am leaving on a Saturday morning on a holiday weekend, I assume the lot will be full. I've heard there is another, larger lot across McCamly that...
  9. SarahZ

    2x1 Business Class Seat Width

    Does anyone happen to know the width (between the armrests) of the leather seats in the 2x1 BC cars? I keep forgetting to measure when I ride. Google is failing me. All I can find are the Acela measurements and a bunch of AU and FlyerTalk threads discussing the various merits of 2x1 seating and...
  10. SarahZ

    Connection in SEA

    I'm considering a flight with Alaska Airlines. I'd have a 1:05 connection in SEA. I'm not familiar with SEA; is this enough time? It appears my flight from ORD would land at Terminal D, but I can't find out if my connection to YYJ (via Horizon) departs from the main terminals or the N/S...
  11. SarahZ

    Alcatraz Night Tour

    I had gone on the early morning tour two years ago, so I looked forward to seeing Alcatraz at night. It was awesome. :) I definitely recommend booking a tour if you are ever in San Francisco. Tickets sell out weeks in advance, though; several people joined our tour after waiting in the...
  12. SarahZ

    Which Train Just Passed My House?

    I just heard an Amtrak train pass my house (2:35 AM Eastern time, Kalamazoo). I checked to see if it was a delayed Blue Water or Wolverine, but the status maps (on Dixieland and Amtrak) both show that all trains have arrived at their end points. I don't see any trains passing Kalamazoo right...
  13. SarahZ

    Obama to Make Chicago's Pullman Park a National Monument
  14. SarahZ

    NB Coast Starlight - Roomette or Coach?

    A friend of mine is traveling from LAX to SJC in a few weeks. The PPC will not be back on the CS yet, but she's considering traveling in a roomette for privacy and meals, as it's a ten-hour trip. The roomette cost is around $160, while coach is around $55. As the PPC is not on the train, she's...
  15. SarahZ

    Companion Coupon Available

    I have a Companion Coupon that is good through March 17, 2015. I am not going to use it, and I don't want it to go to waste. Here are the Terms & Conditions: Coupon Restrictions: Coupon valid for one (1) free companion rail fare with the purchase of one (1) regular (full) adult rail fare...
  16. SarahZ

    Best Way to Annapolis?

    According to Google, it appears Annapolis is not served by Amtrak, MARC, or any type of rail, really. Would I be better off taking Amtrak to Baltimore or DC? It looks like Baltimore is a bit closer.
  17. SarahZ

    Amtrak Wolverine Hits Car West of Kalamazoo The collision occurred just before 5:00 today. W. Michigan is a LONG road that runs parallel to the tracks, so I have no idea where the train actually stopped. They say "three-minute drive", but I don't know if they mean by car or...
  18. SarahZ

    Chicago L - Operator's View from Start to Finish

    The CTA has posted the first in a series of "operator views" on every route, from start to finish. They started with the Red Line (northbound from 95th). More lines will follow in the coming days. I'll be sure to link them. :)
  19. SarahZ

    Southwest Chief Menu

    I decided to check out the SWC menu, and I noticed that they've added descriptions. Instead of "pancakes or French toast", it says "French toast". The entree salad (lunch) is described as a Caesar Salad, and the "Healthy Option" at dinner has a description as well. When I rode three of the LD...
  20. SarahZ

    Car Cut in Half Near Kalamazoo

    Moron. This is the crossing: