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    CN * KCS merger ?

    New developments in this merger: RBC Wealth Management - Investor Center (
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    Train Crash in St. Paul Yard This crash resulted in two nights of the EB to find other ways to enter the Union Depot in St. Paul Return with us now to the days of yesteryear when trains...
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    261 Private Cars to Chicago and ACE Event

    Opportunities to ride private varnish cars Pre-positioning of a fleet of private cars going to Huntington WV for the Autumn Colors Express (ACE) 2 trips of 261 stock: Hitched to the back end of Amtrak Train #8 Empire Builder - - - MSP to Chicago October 16 will feature all Stainless steel...
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    LATE - Really LATE

    Amtrak #8 Friday June 11 encountered a storm - thunder bumper high winds vicinity of western ND - train was delayed 8 hours. Was in two private cars 261 Cedar Rapids and SuperDome joining this train at MSP scheduled to leave 8:00am left about 3:++pm Arriving Chicago just before midnight...
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    And yet again another accident

    12:51 pm ET Train barrels into another in Pakistan, killing at least 45 GHOTKI, Pakistan (AP) — An express train barreled into another that had derailed in Pakistan before dawn Monday, killing at least 45 people, authorities said. More than 100 were injured, and rescuers and villagers...
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    St. Paul Union Depot Train Days Event

    This HOT off the press - my visit to check out the Union Depot (dry run) for a planned trip to Chicago June 11 ***** St. Paul Union Depot Train Days Event Saturday June 5th - - - Model trains on display - train toys - memorabilia for sale AND WAIT FOR IT The B-I-G * K-I-D stuff outside - 261...
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    UP Track Troubles upper midwest

    UP sure having troubles keeping trains on track 2 derailments different subsection/divisions MSP OMA and DSM 1st at Albert Lea MN LINK location (center of image):,-93.3479573,481m/data=!3m1!1e3 Unknown cause for derailment ? This on the MSP Des Moines...
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    Tragedy - Mexico City Metro Rail

    What We Know About the Mexico City Train Crash ( Elevated Metro Line in Mexico City collapsed
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    National Train Day Saturday 5-8-2021

    National Train Day Saturday May 8th ReCap (LINK) from Wikipedia To what extent this will take place this year maybe much like last year - put on hiatus or limited. Sure miss the good ole days riding the EB to Chicago to take in one of the...
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    Train Service MSP Duluth and 2nd to Chicago

    Article in the Sunday 4/11 edition of the Minneapolis Star newspaper - LINK: Biden plan could boost Amtrak potential to Chicago, Duluth - Interesting read - - - Funding is the main drawback - but then with the Biden agenda maybe ???
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    Train crash southern Egypt

    Not a good scene - - - Off my brokers wire feed: Trains crash in southern Egypt, killing at least 32 Last Update: 3/26/2021 1:52:37 PM By NOHA ELHENNAWY CAIRO (AP) — Two trains crashed Friday in southern Egypt, killing at least 32 people and injuring 165, authorities said in the latest of...
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    AU Members with Frequent Flyer Affinity Status

    Member request from jiml: Interesting sidebar to this conversation is how many AU'ers are also frequent flyers. Stories to be told elsewhere of course. I'll start this off WWW FF with Delta Airlines as a revenue customer and a 29 year retired employee. Space Available employee travel is great...
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    ACE Autumn Colors Express & Cincinnati Daylight Express

    Two upcoming events October 20 - 22-23-24-25 The Cincinnati Daylight Express - Amtrak pulling a consist of private cars from Chicago to Cincinnati and on to Huntington WV - October 20 The ACE Autumn Colors Express - again Amtrak pulling even more private cars from Huntington WV to Hinton WV...