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  1. Tennessee Traveler

    Required turn around time in Seattle for delayed arrival of Amtrak 7 Empire Builder?

    Because of mechanical and other issues the Empire Builder 7(9/17) lost 9 plus hours in Montana and is now continuing on beyond Spokane(normal emergency turn around point) and will not arrive Seattle until after 5 PM. That train has to be serviced and turned around to be Empire Builder 8(9/19)...
  2. Tennessee Traveler

    Amtrak Fall 2018 Vacation

    In late October to early November, I rode both the Southwest Chief and California Zephyr full route both directions.  I flew early morning Nashville, TN to Chicago, IL and then began my Amtrak journey boarding the Southwest Chief and rode to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, I then rode the Pacific...
  3. Tennessee Traveler

    Size of the Western LD Winter Consists

    I know that in October-November before the holidays that Amtrak had cut the Empire Builder, California Zephyr and Southwest Chief back by one sleeper with only one sleeper on the Empire Builder to Seattle section of that train.  I just made a reservation for last half of February and was...
  4. Tennessee Traveler

    California Zephyr still running three sleepers after Labor Day

    I've noticed that the California Zephyr is continuing to run three sleepers even after the normal cut down time of Labor Day. The Zephyr has reduced the number of coaches to two. Anyone with any knowledge if the Zephyr will be cut to two sleepers as in years past or continue to run three...
  5. Tennessee Traveler

    New National Menu for Long Distance Trains?

    I am not interested in receiving frivolous comments but instead real answers to my inquiry. Recently, on another post someone said that the menu on the Empire Builder changed between their west bound trip and east bound trip two weeks later. Only change this person made was "no maple chicken...
  6. Tennessee Traveler

    Amtrak Vacation June 2018 - Five Amtrak Trains Coast to Coast

    Just returned home from a three week Amtrak Vacation that literally covered the USA coast to coast including riding five Amtrak trains and overnights in New Orleans, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Here is my wrap up travel blog post with link to eleven photo galleries. Enjoy...
  7. Tennessee Traveler

    Amtrak Making Schedule Changes SW Chief and CA Zephyr

    I have sleeper reservations late October and early November roundtrip on both the Southwest Chief and California Zephyr. To begin with, I received a new reservation receipt and e-ticket for train 3 simply changing the arrival time in Los Angeles 8 AM instead of 8:15 AM. The departure from...
  8. Tennessee Traveler

    California Zephyr Summer Fall 2018 Consist

    Usually The California Zephyr has changed the consist to moving the sleepers to the end of the consist with coaches to front by or before Memorial Day weekend. So far that change has not occurred so I am wondering if 2018 will be the first year sleepers stay in the front. The old reason was to...
  9. Tennessee Traveler

    Via Rail CANADIAN Trip February 13-17, 2018

    Just returned after riding the CANADIAN from Vancouver to Toronto February 13-17. The trip was good and the Via staff very good. However, the equipment is showing it's age and my Manor Room for 2 was quite mechanically noisy including a loud whining fan sounding like noise and I had to wear ear...
  10. Tennessee Traveler

    Amtrak and Via Rail February 2018 Winter Trip

    Amtrak Unlimited Friends - Just one week before I depart on my Winter Amtrak and Via Rail Winter Trip. I'll be riding Amtrak's Capitol Limited, California Zephyr, Coast Starlight and Superliner train Seattle to Vancouver BC while staying overnight in Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Emeryville, CA...
  11. Tennessee Traveler

    Capitol Limited Changing Sleeper Car Number(s)

    Another Amtrak traveler posted on Facebook that his Capitol Limited Sleeper car number was changed from 3000 to 3002 and he discovered this by trying to print his e-ticket. When he looked up the reservation it said "service cancelled". Since I am traveling on Capitol Limited 29 in early...
  12. Tennessee Traveler

    2018 Winter Consist for Zephyr began 1/8/2018

    Just saw on Railstream MH Tower Cam the California Zephyr depart with the sleepers up front so the Winter Consist Engines, baggage, transition, sleepers, dining car, sightseer lounge, coaches is in effect beginning today. I did not see Sunday the 7th consist so not sure in today is first or...
  13. Tennessee Traveler

    Checked bags between Seattle and Vancouver CA

    I'll be traveling the Cascades Train 516 Seattle to Vancouver, CA, in February 2018. Has anyone arrived in Vancouver recently with checked bag and know what the process is for obtaining your checked bag and going through Canadian customs at the Vancouver station?
  14. Tennessee Traveler

    Via Rail Canadian 2018 Winter Consist

    I just booked a trip in February 2018 on the Canadian #2 Vancouver to Toronto. I requested the rearmost Manor car and room F and was assigned to car 212 and the agent said that would be the last Manor car followed by the dining car, a Prestige Chateau car, and and the Park Dome car. I am...
  15. Tennessee Traveler

    Amtrak's Southwest Chief to Albuquerque for the International Ball

    AU friends, I just returned from a great trip by Amtrak's Southwest Chief Chicago to Albuquerque, NM, for the 2017 International Balloon Fiesta. While the blog and 6 of the photo galleries feature the Balloon Festival and touring with friends in Albuquerque, there is one gallery covering my trip...
  16. Tennessee Traveler

    Amsnag Alert emails

    Is anyone else receiving multiple emails from biketrain stating "you have not set up a fare alert in 90 days. If you don't set up a fare alert your account will be closed."? I've never set an fare alert and to my knowledge never "joined" biketrain. I was unable to find an email address to...
  17. Tennessee Traveler

    NOLA to Portland OR and back to NOLA

    It's time for my next Amtrak adventure. This time I will be traveling on five Amtrak trains, one tourist train, and stay ten nights in hotels in New Orleans and Portland, OR. Here is my travel blog post previewing the trip. I just booked an Oregon Coast day tour that includes a short ride on...
  18. Tennessee Traveler

    St. Louis and Missouri River Runner

    I just took a short four day, three night trip to St. Louis MO to ride the Missouri River Runner from St. Louis to Kansas City and return all in one day. Flew Southwest Airlines Nashville to St. Louis and return. Check out my blog post and photo gallery here: St Louis and Missouri River...
  19. Tennessee Traveler

    Missouri River Runners - Trains 311 and 314 (5/3) Service Disruption

    Anyone know why the Missouri River Runners trains 5/3/2017 are in Service Disruption?
  20. Tennessee Traveler

    April 2017 Spring Amtrak Adventure on Crescent, Capitol LTD, and Calif

    It's time for my next Amtrak Adventure. Yep, just seven days or one week before I fly Southwest Airlines April 8 Nashville to New Orleans, Louisiana, to begin my next Amtrak adventure. From April 10 to 21 I will ride six different named trains and cross the USA coast to coast westward and then...