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  1. Amtrak Cajun

    Amtrak/Intermodal Station in Syracuse

    I went through Syracuse a few years ago, doing the bus to train transfer, and it was absolutely fine. The staff were nice, the station was clean. I had a bit of a wait between my bus and the LSL, but at no time did I ever feel unsafe. You will be just fine.
  2. Amtrak Cajun

    Amtrak booking website/issues/timetables removed

    Is anyone having the expired login issue? Even though I'm logged in, its stuck in a loop of, log in again, but im logged in. Can I plleeaaassee just purchase my tickets Amtrak?!!! Edit: The site apparently reset itself, and my tickets are now booked for my trip to Michigan in August. :)
  3. Amtrak Cajun

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    Im shocked and saddened to hear about Alan's passing. I remember years ago, when I was going to New York to make a bus connection to PA, he met me on the platform of NYP, and showed me around the station. We then went hand had lunch, and some great conversations. He even walked me down to the...
  4. Amtrak Cajun

    Long Time Member Joe Hess Has Taken His Final Ride

    This is very sad news indeed. I was part of the two Joe's adventure and I will cherish those memories forever. Joe Hess was hilarious, and a good friend. My condolences to his family and his friends, he will definitely be missed, especially here at AU.
  5. Amtrak Cajun

    Amtrak Train 91-CSX collision in SC (2/4/18)/Liability issues

    My heart and thoughts go out to everyone involved in this tragedy.
  6. Amtrak Cajun

    Hurricane Harvey Texas Impacts

    Yeah, I'm expecting flooding here in Louisiana, I can hope for the best though right? :D I hope that anyone in the path of the storm stays safe.
  7. Amtrak Cajun

    Lafayette, LA station - any information?

    As a resident of Lafayette. Yes, the transit station also serves Greyhound and Amtrak. The Greyhound station is staffed, as is the transit office for the LTS (Lafayette Transit System), but since you are connecting to Greyhound here at Lafayette, that wont be an issue for you. There is a good...
  8. Amtrak Cajun

    Viewliner II - Part 1 - Initial Production and Delivery

    I saw a new baggage car on Saturday's(4/2) Sunset trip to Houston, and another new one on the SL Sunday return to Lafayette (4/3). It was nice to see them in person, not just on youtube vids. :D
  9. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    Im probably gonna be heading out to San Antonio in October, so I will keep these places in mind. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    The Rudy's I ate at was off of 290 NW (Houston). I usually get the moist brisket, jalapeno sausage, and the potato salad. Talk about filling. :)
  11. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    Wow, thanks for confirming that then. Also, thanks for giving me his correct name spelling. I wasn't far off, but yeah, hes a great person, and I definitely want to give him a commendation for being awesome. I've ridden with him a few times now, and he never fails to make me laugh. You can tell...
  12. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    I dont think thats the same Merrol Im talking about, this guy mostly runs the cafe car on the SL. He has lighter hair than the guy in the pic. Hes based out of LA but runs LA-NOL-LA. Hes been with Amtrak for 14 years. He also goes by Elwood sometimes. To give you an idea of his humor. Someone...
  13. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    CCC, hes referring to the reason Merrol gave me for better OTP being that Amtrak started paying host railroads a fee per trip to get let through, and if they get put aside for hours on end, then Amtrak doesnt pay them the fee for that particular trip. I found that a very interesting statement...
  14. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    Beautiful and Beaumont dont go well together. :P Hey Bill, good to see ya bud. I didnt think about switching seats, maybe I'll do that next time if there is a problem. Thats the first real issue I've had on Amtrak in my travels. I kinda felt bad for the guy once we hit Houston, My friend...
  15. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    The best view between LFT and HOS, are the lakes, otherwise its trees, trees, oh, and more trees. I hope you like trees on this portion of the route. The more beautiful scenery happens west of San Antonio, too bad I wasnt rolling that far. :P Sometimes the scenery just trees me off.....yes...
  16. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    I spend most of my time in the cafe car regardless. The cafe car is where you really get to meet some interesting people. :)
  17. Amtrak Cajun

    The Sunset Unlimited: The Reasons Edition

    Hi everyone, I know its been a while since I've been on. I just got back from a trip to Houston to see some friends. Oh, do I have a story to share. Without further ado, lets begin. First Segment, Lafayette, LA to Houston, TX, Saturday April 2nd, 2016 I booked this trip earlier in the week. I...
  18. Amtrak Cajun

    Texas Trip Report

    This trip was many years ago (2003 or so) Swadian, I believe that Coach USA had a few route segments in Texas and Louisiana at the time. I remember going to Shreveport from Lafayette on Coach USA equipment before GLI took over that route segment. I remember that he made an announcement that as...
  19. Amtrak Cajun

    Texas Trip Report

    I think the no front row sitting got stricter enforcement after a few people have attacked drivers in the past few years. Thats also why the safety dividers got installed as well. Funny story. I boarded a bus in El Paso heading back to Lafayette, and the driver goes to close the safety door...
  20. Amtrak Cajun

    Texas Trip Report

    Even if GLI used the "sporty" type leather seats that they are putting in some of the older D4500's, those are tolerable at least. I dont know if GLI ordered a fleet of ZF-Astronics (manumatic) in some of the older buses, but man, some of these drivers need to either leave it in full auto mode...