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  1. BCL

    Folding bike on the CS

    I’m thinking of taking the CS (coach) for a day trip and I’m not sure how feasible it would be. I have a folding bike that folds over at a hinge and I'm sure is less than Amtrak’s size for folding bikes to qualify as carry on. But it’s been a while since I’ve taken anything more than a...
  2. BCL

    6/12/21 CS 14 - 3 hrs late

    I’m going home on it tonight but it’s way late. When I got to SNS I asked the station agent about it and got that it was delayed early. Saw it took 2-1/2 hours to get to Burbank. So we went to downtown where every Saturday is cruising. Some of the cars are “newer”, but it was mostly 50s and...
  3. BCL

    San Jose connecting bus location

    So this morning we were planning on taking Coast Starlight #11 from Emeryville to Salinas and then back on #14 using points. We were told to wait in the garden, then patio and missed the announcement. I now realize that we were supposed to get closer. Another group with luggage missed it and...
  4. BCL

    Bombardier planning on selling rail division to Alstom
  5. BCL

    Cooking gas cylinder explosion on Pakistan train kills at least 65 I don't know if cooking is technically allowed or if they're more or less flaunting the rules. I'm pretty sure that something like this wouldn't be allowed on Amtrak and would be stopped almost immediately. I...
  6. BCL

    Anyone taken the Sacramento to Lake Tahoe Amtrak bus?

    The rest of my family is visiting my BIL, so I'm thinking of taking a day off work by myself and using the points that are just sitting around collecting dust. I know I can drive, but I just want to use up some points. I was thinking of taking the train to meet them, but that would take way...
  7. BCL

    32 hour trip - Bay Area to Eugene?

    I was thinking of doing a multi-day trip to Portland on my points, but I'm about to start a new job and probably should make a quicker trip.  I've done a one day trip on the CS from EMY-SNS and thought of maybe an overnight on the CS to LAX, but then Eugene seems to be a good choice as long as...
  8. BCL

    11/25/18 2230 delayed 6 hours with no power or toilets

    Seems a bit odd.  I know they need power to flush normally, but even then didn't they have some water source to clear the "debris"?  Heck - I'd think that urine could do the trick.
  9. BCL

    At least 60 dead after train in India plows through people on tracks

    The scene was apparently a festival called Dussehra where people were watching festivities including fireworks, but were on the tracks. Then a commuter train apparently plowed right through them...
  10. BCL

    SamTrans (San Mateo County) takes delivery of Proterra electric buses I was curious about the South Carolina plate, and apparently that's where one of the factories is. The company itself is headquartered in San Mateo County.
  11. BCL

    San Francisco Transbay Transit Center closed-crack in a steel beam

    I read they were able to pull the Temporary Transbay Terminal out of mothballs and put it in service within hours. STATEMENT TRANSBAY JOINT POWERS AUTHORITY’S STATEMENT...
  12. BCL

    Airport to airport connections

    There was another topic on airports, which got me thinking about airport to airport connections for airports in the same region. I remember being in China when we had to rebook for a flight the next day in Shanghai (were at Shanghai-Pudong) because the visibility conditions screwed up travel...
  13. BCL

    Solo trip to Portland, OR on points. Doable?

    The rest of my family is going somewhere this summer, and I'm thinking of making a solo trip from the Bay Area to Portland. Maybe just two nights there. And I have a bunch of points just sitting around collecting dust. So the thought was maybe going to Chico first on Capitol Corridor and a...
  14. BCL

    SMART train collides with truck on tracks
  15. BCL

    Pig follows man from Elyria, Ohio Amtrak station

    Strange but true. Apparently the guy was walking home form the station when a pig (probably someone's escaped pet) started following him and rubbed against his leg while trying to get him to pet it. He called 911 not quite knowing if it was exactly an emergency...
  16. BCL

    What if General Electric sells off its transportation division? Just curious how they would handle it. They would probably need a name change because they didn't adopt a separate name like GM did with EMD. Also - the transportation division was integrated with power...
  17. BCL

    What routes start/end at an unstaffed station?

    The only one I can think of is Capitol Corridor, where it might reverse at the Oakland Coliseum station. Theres also the commute time service to Roseville.
  18. BCL

    SMART offering free service as a result of Sonoma County fires They're doing this to help out those evacuating the area. The fires have devastated parts of the city of Santa Rosa and are still ongoing.
  19. BCL

    Does Amtrak have a ticket office that isn't at an Amtrak station?

    I know there are some outliers like bus-only "stations" that have a ticket window, but are there any public Amtrak ticket offices like how airlines used to have ticket offices in downtowns? Or like how United has a ticket office at Penn Station.
  20. BCL

    San Francisco Transbay Terminal sells naming rights to Salesforce

    I guess it's rail related since the next phase involves extending Caltrain (and possibly California HSR) to the terminal.